Saturday, November 28, 2009


Read in a magazine today, a topic titled 'Your Last RM50'. The question is:

The ATM says your account has RM50 left and for imagination's sake, you don't know when your next pay cheque will come in. What will you do?

The magazine had interviewed 33 people and I was surprise to know those people's answer. Only 4 people has the satisfied answer for me, 1 can be consider okey and the other 29 people, I can say as s****d. Why I'm saying that way, do read carefully again the question and I'll explain to you here.

The survey was:
8 people would spend on PAMPERING & ENTERTAINING.
(such as foot massage, margaritas, heels, dance the night with friend ect)

3 people would spend on totally RANDOM STUFF.
(such as donation, top up credit card and book a cheap airasia ticket to anywhere and buy magazine & enjoy it in a cafe)

2 people would spend on FASHION. (such as 2nd hand baazar)
1 people would spend on phone call to ask for financial help. (for me this can be accept)
1 people would spend on CAR PETROL.
1 people would spend on INVESTMENT. (ASB)
16 people would spend on FOOD.

I repeat the statement before the question,
"The ATM says your account has RM50 left and for your imagination's sake, you don't know when is your next pay cheque will come in."

Entertaining? Air Asia ticket? Fashion? LOL..
For you guy's acknowledge, the 'FOOD' they mean there are pizza, cup cakes, japanese food, western food, doughnuts, Italian food, buffet meal in hotel, long island iced, romantic dinner with gf ect. Well, the 4 smart person I mean up there is the one who say to buy some food to stock in their fridge and kitchen such as bread, fruits, milk, eggs ect and another 1 is budgeting RM10 per day. The others, are the person who never experience living hard and always been feed by lots of monies. xoxo..

Why I agree with that four person, honestly tell you that I've ever experienced it and that is the most we should do. Just imagine if we only have RM50 and let say the next cheque come in on next week so today, we go have a buffet meal in hotel, or japanese food, or Italian food which cost around RM30++. Then we check our account tomorrow and found out cheque haven't come in, we have RM10++ but just imagine, there 6 more days to go! LOL stupido.. And the other's idea is worse.

The magazine said the one who would spend on investment is the best way (invest into ASB). LOL.. When you put your RM50 into ASB, do you think that you can get the interest within one day? NO! ASB only update the account interest once a year man! So what should you eat for tomorrow? LOL Another stupido.

Well, this is only a poor me's opinion and this kind of situation always happened on me, not just and imagination.

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