Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last Sunday, went out with my friend Sui Lian as usual. I saw this cute lamp on the ceiling when we had our lunch in Pizza Hut CP.

Tomato & Capsicon

After watching movie and shop few things and SL said,

“Look! The dress is so beautiful. Come we go there.”

“Yeah.. beautiful.. Let’s go and you pretend you are going to marry k.. hehe..”

Well, girls always like beautiful things. Laughing and we went there. I thought she just means that we just walked by that bridal stall but she sat and watched the photo album on the desk. I have no choice, just sit together with her and the salesgirl came to us promote this and that. We also asked few stupid questions but the more the salesgirl told us, the more we felt interesting.

At the end, you know what happened? I’d surrender to the beautiful talkative salesgirl and paid deposit for a bridal package! Damn! What am I doing?! This is not joking and I’m not going to marry yet lah!

The package is like this, the actual price is RM6999 and I know the other bridal shop normally also offered around that price. But they were doing the promotion, 50% for that price and it save more than RM3000. Hey that RM3000 can cover a lot of money for honey moon cost. Last Sunday is the last day for the promotion (according to the salesgirl. Well u know la making sales..). Once I paid for the deposit, I get that promotion and can make full payment, photo shoot & rent the wedding gown anytime within 3 years. Price for everything is keep on increasing and after 3 year bridal package might b more expensive than today’s price RM6999 and I, only have to pay RM3000++. Doesn’t it worth?

What actually in my mind is only the bridal gown but it had been covered up for a while and had paid for a package. I still don’t believe I had booked it and he doesn’t know about this yet unless if he read this blog. I didn’t ask his opinion at all too coz if we are going to marry, I know I’m the one who will arrange this kind of things after all.

And I’m a bit wonder and asked SL that how if my ‘MR.’ change later? Coz we haven't ready to have commitment yet & in the booking had written both Mr. and Mrs. Name. Anyway, this booking can be change to take a family photo shoot if I'm not taking the bridal package. Crazy.. LOL.

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