Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have lots of things to do so this will be only a quick update.

Well, stop counting people. Lets the day count.

It's final countdown and another new year is coming. wow.. I'm worry leh.. Feels like don't want to change the year yet if I could. Everyone saying that they have no mood to work for today, holiday mood, talking about where to celebrate countdown tonight but honestly, today is my busy day, and I'm not excited for new year to come. I'm nervous & worry! And now I'm preparing for my new year war!

Every people might have aim & wish list in the end of the year for the following year. Well, for me, my aim & wishes non-stop coming all over the year. xoxo.. I’m not going to list down my wish list here anyway, it will be somewhere else but I’ll just write down what have I achieve within this year.

- I bought a silly camera. I’d dreamed it for almost 3 years. At the end, I'd bought a compact with middle quality of camera and I'm satisfied with it.

- I suppose to buy a house this year unfortunately my salary has only small increment. I'd expected more somehow it didn't, so I’m still not qualified yet to have my own house this year but I know, soon I will.

- Love and relationship, it's getting better and stable but marry is still far away. He resigned from his previous company and jobless for few months, I was effected with that somehow things getting better now and we are even more happier than before.

- I believe I'm getting more friends and getting more closer with my existing friends.

- Financial wise, it was up and down all over the year but I'd learned and managed to discipline myself to do saving.

- Healthy, I believe that I'm still having good health today. xoxo..

- Career, I attended an interview for a new job and I get better offer, far more better salary but I haven't confirm with it yet. I'm thinking twice for it now and I'm preparing for everything.

- I’d started with my own business somehow it was slow and still has no official profit yet. The following photo taken on last month, I have no latest photo but only small differences with today's progress. Well, I know I'm going to be busy with this very soon.

- I’d bought lots of clothes & shoes and now I suppose to do clearing on my wardrobe.

- I'm getting more repentant. I love my family and people around me even more.

- I'd set up this blog and going to change its look.

Overall, I'm happy with 2009. I'm keeping this up, looking forward and I'd plan more things for 2010. I know I'm going to be busy but I will enjoy it.

Happy New Year People.. Thanks for your support all this while, sorry for any of my words that ever hurt u. May god and good luck always be with you and people around you..


This was not quick update anyway..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Everyone is still in holiday mood and everyone is counting for new year. Honestly I don't know why I'm nervous for this coming new year. May be there is something that I knew will change, but I don't know what condition it would change to. Hopefully everything running smoothly and getting better.

Just wanna share with u something. Now, what will you feel and do when you get this?

It is voucher. They called it free voucher. In today's real life, seems like nothing is free anymore. I was happy when I received this in the first place somehow my happiness was wasted. These "free voucher" things are tricky! Only one item can be buy with the RM750 voucher which is a LCD TV and it's original price is more than RM4,500. Genius huh.. They'd asked you to spend more money then only you can use the above vouchers.

Same to the RM50 voucher. You can buy anything with it but the condition is you must spend more than RM500 in one receipt then you can use it. At the end, these vouchers seems like no effect and it is nothing to me. :( Thanks anyway. I actually had forgotten to give it away to someone else who need it, the expiry date will be tomorrow.

Somehow, it is today's business strategy. It is smart and well done businessman.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Uhm yeah.. Thanks for dropping by people. Just wanna share some story here. Continue from my previous post, I'm herewith attached more photos for the preparation for a Wedding in Kg. Narandang, a place which is quite rural in Kudat.

I'd make myself busybody to join and help those people to ready for cook. Although I don't understand their Rungus language but I believe that I'd made a very good and friendly communication with them, talked lots of rubbish things and pretending I knew every latest news of their kampong. LOL.. No lah actually I only answered their question and asked them a lot too. Seems like they were happy with me too and they're proud that an outsider joined them. I think so.. xoxo..

1 day before Wedding, I'd joined them to arrange tables and chairs, borrowed it from the only primary school they have in the kampung and moved it to Dewan. I saw a big water tank (normally people use it for housing) in the Dewan and wondering why should they put it there. In my mind, I thought that it was for people to wash hand or what but I was surprised when they told me it was either for drinking water or local alcohol. LOL. I didn't manage to take photo but it was really something like this..

Joining everyone crying by cutting onion and garlic at night and continued for the next morning. Well, doesn't need to invite and everyone will automatically came to help. No wonder they didn't worry it was last minute coz they knew everything can be done on time with so much hand.

And this cute little girl kept on stick with me and followed me to anywhere. xoxo.. cute..

The above photo is the preparation for the church.


I'd follow them to do decoration in the Dewan. Guys who are doing decor. xoxo..

It's traditional decoration.. Using the coconut leave to do decor.

Going back home, took a short rest, took a bath, wore a beautiful dress and ready for the ceremony.

The above photo was a kid wearing Rungus traditional beautiful costume, was the flower girl and dancer. I love it.. ^_^

It's a mix marriage. My friend is the Rungus guy, Tom and her spouse is a Chinese Sarawakian, Cecelia. Congrats to them. Both of them are teacher in a private school somewhere in Selangor.

Kids with traditional costume again.. They danced in the Dewan, I took video on that.

They had been trained and always represented their culture to do performance on most of the function that held in Kudat.

This hansom dog is friendly, belongs to the church and I'd found that my camera is very good in taking animal photos.

I'm proud to be Sabahan and I love the cultures of Sabah. Cheers..

Monday, December 28, 2009


Celebrated my Christmas in a rural kampung in Kudat. I’m in touched with everything happened there and it opened my eyes. Actually this is not the first time I’d been there. Last three years, I’d followed a friend (yes now my bf) to this kampung named Kampung Narandang. At that time, there is no electricity, no fan, no tv, no sofa, no washing machine, no refrigerator, no computer, no proper toilet ect. Today is much more better even thought still not as complete as in the city, somehow most of it actually are only for our life style which is “not so compulsory”. Those people in Kampung, life is simple but they are never get hungry and they are always happy.

We are actually far more luckier than a lot of people out there and we should be grateful! I know my family will not that agree with what had I done which I’d spend and stay there for few days for celebrating Christmas but I’m happy with what had I done.

This electricity cable had just been installed early of this year.

It would be Christmas Eve. Yeah I never celebrate Christmas before and I was excited for it. I bought a cake which was full with cute Christmas decoration on the top of the cake.

In the evening, more and more family members came and dinner started around 7.30pm. They serve anything they have. They have nothing much in their fridge but THEY SERVE ANYTHING THEY HAVE for everyone no matter whom.

slaughter a chicken. Kari.. Kari..

I just found out that the above thing is delicious. Jantung pisang.

Uh this is kingcrab (Belangkas)

After dinner for the Christmas Eve, took out the cake from the fridge and as I expected, the kids were so happy and excited for it! They kept on standing nearest to the cake and I knew they love the d├ęcor on the cake, after all every kids were like that.. xoxo..

Guess what, those kids sang Christmas song to me before cutting the cake! That was so sweet! And like I said in my previous entry, some kids never receive a Christmas gift. Yes the kids received no gift that night somehow I'd success to make them happy with just my silly cake.

On the Christmas day morning, some of them went to church and some of them didn’t. Those who didn’t, they did their work as usual. Slow and steady as long as a thing that they can make money.

Making traditional necklace and this need a very strong passionate

Me, just stay at home but it was black out for almost whole day and the TV only showing this.

15' TV. They only have TV1 and TV2.

This is one of their pet, a shy turtle.

knock knock.. Mr. turtle, where is your head? You look like a helmet this way..

still not showing its head.

A kid was having fun by plucking wild flower..

Went to football field nearby and there were some sport activities commemorated to Christmas. One of it was football and I was just an audience for it. There was football for ladies too but BIG NO for the participation. :p

The first price would be this..

An iguana! Creative huh?

Next, I'd attended a wedding there. Photos will be upload to my next entry and for the whole trip, I get my allergy.

I'm Touch..

Well, I never look down anyone there. Somehow, people there treated me too well and made me feel ashamed with myself. I'm not any VIP.

- They’d caught small fishes from the river and they fried it for their lunch. They take the biggest (just a little bit bigger than my finger), take out the fish bone and they reserved that for me.

- They take a clean clothe (sarong), lay it on the sofa before let me sit there.

- The kids been asked to sleep on the living room, and they let me sleep in the bedroom with new bed sheet and mosquito net.

- I get my allergy. They’d tried hard to get medicine for me.

- They served the food 5 times per day to me.

- When they served something, they’d asked me “do you ever try this? Is it ok? This will taste like bla bla blaa..” “Do you eat spicy?”

- Their toilet is outside their house and it is quite far. They’d asked the kids accompany me every time I went to toilet and the kids waiting for me outside the toilet.

- They boiled hot water for me to get warm water for bath.

- They receive anything without argue about satisfaction.

Their heart is pure. They do that to everyone who came to their house and I’m touched with it.

Now, will you do that?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hi everyone, it's Christmas mode.
23 December 2009 3.50pm,
I'm alone in the office.
Others are taking leave for Christmas,
accept me. Early huh?
And those who are not taking leave,
might be same feeling Christmas mode.
Christmas is only one day.
People busy preparing for Christmas,
it's only for one day.
After Christmas then it's the day which is more scarier.
It will be New Year.
People start another year.
Student ready to back to school.
Adult ready to start to work.
People getting older.
Year getting older.
I'm getting older.
Everyone getting older.
Start another January,
another February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November back to another December.
Time pass fast.
It's scary.
Anyway, I'm just would like to wishing u here my readers,

Have a Joyous Christmas..

New Year will wish you in my next posting.

As I always said,
I don't celebrate Christmas.
But no matter how,
I love Christmas.
I don't really know the true meaning of Christmas,
but I just love it.

I love Christmas Decor.
I wish to have my own Christmas tree.
But before I get my own tree,
of course I have to have a house.
Yes having a house is one of my dream.
I want my own house.
I'd ever tried to buy a house,
but it's not my luck,
I'm not qualified to have it yet.
Today, I still not qualified to buy one,
coz when I have higher salary than before,
the price for a house is higher than before too.
Good country.
It is fair
when Peninsular enjoy far more higher salary than Sabah
and everything in Sabah is far more expensive than Peninsular.

We have no snow,
we have no winter.
but we still able to celebrate Christmas with a snowman.
For me I feel that Christmas is warm and harmony.
It is full of peace and joyful.
Family gathering with happiness.
Even there's just listening to a Christmas song.

Some people happy when they received a gift.
Some people not satisfied and demanding.
Teach your child to be grateful please.
We should be thankful for a gift,
not demanding and 'request' what we want.
Glad that u have a gift.
We are lucky enough.
Some kids out there never receive a gift.

If there is Santa,
I do have wishes.
But today's Santa,
only distribute candy for kids.
So my wishes,
just keep it in my heart.
Lets work myself for it.

And again,
just wishing every of my lovely readers,

Merry Christmas, May The Joy And Happiness Always Be With You And Your Family.

I Love Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My sis is still in hometown, and I'm jealous of her. Because of I'm working, I still have to be here.

Today is DongZhi Festival or Winter Solstice Festival. A festival that celebrated by Chinese people but sad to say that I unable to celebrate it with my family today.

Chinese believe in ying and yang. Ying is darkness or coldness while Yang is brightness or hot. DongZhi Festival or Winter Solstice Festival actually is celebrating the 'Ying' (darkness) to be balance with Yang. It is the lesser brightness of sunshine and the shortest day time in East Asian for the entire year.

What did chinese people normally do in this day, family gathering and having a MUST dishes which is called tang yuan.

Tang Yuan made by rice flour, made it in round shape and boiled it with ginger and sugar. I feel sad somehow I'll try to cook tang yuan for myself tonight.. Sob sob..

Monday, December 21, 2009


Never explain yourself to any one because the person who likes you doesn’t need it, & the person who dislikes you won’t believe it.

Don’t let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life. Relationships works best when they are balance.

When we wake up in the morning, we have 2 simple choices, go back to sleep & dream, or wake up & chase those dreams. Choice is yours.

We make them cry who care of us. We cry for those who never care for us. & we care for those who will never cry for us. This is the truth of life, it’s strange but true. Once you realize this, it’s never too late to change.

Don’t promise when you are in joy. Don’t reply when you are sad. Don’t take decision when you are angry. Think twice, act wise.

When you keep saying you are busy, then you are never free. When you keep saying you have no time then you will never have time. When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow then your tomorrow will never come.

Time is like river. You cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of life, this is not rehearsal.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Facebook account of a friend of mine has been hacked this morning. Her facebook friends received message from her saying 'fuck u' but actually she didn't log in and sent any message. Scary.. So guys, always log out any of your account before close the windows and avoid share any confidential info in the internet. Even a facebook is so unsafe.

The photos below been taken last evening. It's a sardine bus in a city.

pack, pack and pack.

It was full until the passanger stand on the stairs and even stairs has no more space but the bus conductor still keep on shouting "MASUK DALAM! MASUK DALAM!". Interesting huh? I'm used to it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Merry Christmas people.. It's Christmas feel. I don't celebrate Christmas but I love and happy with it.

What is free gift? Doesn't every gift is free?

Other than birthday, gift related to Christmas. I don't celebrate Christmas but our office did organize Christmas exchange gift every year. Oh yeah for sure I'm joining. I love to see people happy to receive a gift, I will even more happier if I found that he/she happy with the present that I gave once they opened it.

So, I've ready my present for someone else..

Don't you feel happy if you receive this? ^_^

And in return I get this..
Cute right?? ^_^ I love it and hope that I have my own house to decorate with this.

And I'd receive another gift in office. Thanks.. ^_^

kkruak kkruak..

Somehow, I feel sad with the organizer. Sorry to say this but it's true the program has not been organized well. I know there are few more people wanted to join but the organizer didn't ask and didn't wait for them at all. Even they'd changed the program's date, they didn't inform everyone including me. As the result some people didn't bring their gift and some people had their lunch outside rather than having the 'PAID' Christmas Lunch.

I was the one who organized for last year Christmas however I'd been quite for this year.

Btw: I don't know what to buy for him as a Christmas present.