Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A friend who is working with government servant told me that their department has blocked them using facebook. Yeah facebook is so popular now days, I’m active with it too and I’d heard few companies fired their staff just because of facebook application. Those people might misuse it and here I’m going to list down what facebook has generally done for me and might be for every facebook users.


I’d found lots of my old friends even someone who I’d lost contact with for more than 10 years.

I’m keeping in touch with my good friends and relatives even though each of us are in two different places and do different things.

Knowing latest updates of all friends and relatives by reading their posting and viewing their posted photos for example they are working as what in where. I’d found out most of my old friends are now being teacher, and tutor. Sometime, I get to know that my friends have problems and think what can I do for them.

Chatting and discuss with my colleague regarding work via chat box without walking to their department.

Photos can be tag to other people.

Give and get good tips from others. Some people even shared some good video and websites.

There is a page where you can b a fan in something such as a football club. A place where you can discuss your interest with other fans.

As a reminder of people’s birthday.

Asking some opinion from friends easily.


Become friendly with stranger and they also know your latest update. I accepted few people that I don’t know before, they were trying to chat and contact me and even some said they ever saw me in somewhere, then I know it was such a big mistake to accept stranger. ~ scary ~ Because previously I joined friendster, never happened this kind of things. Trying to private mail in friendster yes but friendster is not that friendly enough to know every updates.

I admit that I log in into my facebook during office hour, only if I’d finished all my work (kunun la..). It takes at least half an hour per day just for viewing friend’s update and I know so do other people.

I realized that some people playing games in facebook during office hour. If I’m their boss and I found out this, I’ll do the same by blocking those applications too. And ever heard a news where a guy suicide just because of the game in facebook? Ever heard news where a guy divorced his fiancé just because his fiancé didn’t help him to look after his farm game in facebook? Funny but it is true story.

Some people love to express their feeling via facebook’s posting. Sometimes they don’t satisfy in something on their work or friends, they’d just expressed it without remembering who they had added into their friend list eg. their boss. That is another big mistake.

Look, positive is more than negative actually. It just that people always misused it.

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