Friday, October 30, 2009


If people ask me to make a wish today, I would wish that everyone around me including my family, my love one, my relatives, my beloved friends and anyone I know, been protected by HIM all the time. This is because I can’t afford to hear news saying that I’d lost someone. Without all those people, I’m nothing.

That’s today’s wish and New Year will be another wish lists. LOL

One thing that I’d realized, people now days communicating especially wishes more on writing in facebook instead of SMS. It means me and my group of friends are so active with facebook. Xoxo.. Anyway, yeah thanks for all the birthday wishes people, I just feel like I’m popular for one day and all your wishes make me smile and it makes my day wonderful.


Just tell you my readers (if any) generally about me and my background.

My parents are citizen of Kota Belud, my 1st, 2nd and 3rd older sister and 1 of my older brother also citizens of Kota Belud while my 4th older sister and I are citizen of Ranau. Yes we are 6 of us, 5 strawberries, only 1 banana and I’m the youngest. LOL what am I saying this.. Just kidding and back to the story. All my relatives are staying in Kota Belud and some in KK until today and we have no relative in Ranau. Why is this happen? My dad was a government servant before and he had been transfer to a small town named Ranau 35 years ago.

This is me when I was 1 years old. Chubby & dirty but owh.. Was half naked. :p

I’d grow up in Ranau, primary school in SRJK(c) Pai Wen Ranau, secondary school in SMK Mat Salleh Ranau and then I’d left Ranau once I completed my SPM. Had taken a short course in Stamford College Sabah while waiting for my SPM result and entered Noble College of Technology in Taiping after getting my ‘not so good’ SPM result. I was enjoyed in Stamford College, lecturer is so sporting but I feel sad that I’d lost contact with all my friends and lecturers there. Same to the college in Taiping that I entered, enjoyed and learned a lot of things there but had lost contact with all my friends there too. This was the place and time that I’d home sick a lot, far away from my family for the 1st time, leaving in a totally different environment than before, different races, different dialects, different life style but I still remember that my best friend is a Sarawakian from Seratok named Serina Pakun. See I still remember her. If you want to know, I’d avoided talking to anyone for almost two weeks there when I’d just arrived. It’s because I didn’t understand peninsular dialect and people in peninsular don’t understand my Sabahan dialect. Until I’d met Serina, she could understand sabahan’s dialect at the same time she also can speak peninsular dialect so I’d learned from her. But honestly she had home sick and cried more than me. Xoxo

Thumps up to the food in Taiping, cheap and tasty but when I was in the 2nd month in Taiping, I’d received another offer letter from Unitar which offered me Degree. Instead of Diploma in Taiping, I quitted from Noble College and I’d entered Unitar in Kelana Jaya. My first best friend that I’d met there is a Hindustan named Umme Aiman, also my classmate and roommate in our hostel. 8 of us in 1 hostel, 1 Hindustan, 1 Indian, 1 Sabahan Chinese, 4 Malays and me. Feel sorry that I can’t remember all my housemate’s name, we only stay for 1 semester and separated after that. At the end, I heard that all the Malays and Indian ex-housemate quitted from Unitar. Some were getting other offer in other institute and some were totally stop study and get married. The Chinese named Yen, quitted from Unitar, saying that she get the nurse course in Sabah, came back to Sabah but met her again when she entered back Unitar after few months. She completed her degree in Unitar, worked in KL for few years and now she is in KK, attended her wedding dinner last year and the latest news that I heard from her last few months is she was having a baby. How sweet..

Umme stayed with her brother’s family in Puchong after we separated till completed study and I stayed in Kelana Putri Condo, just near by the campus. 6 of us Stayed in the apartment, 1 Indian, 1 Ipoh Chinese and the others were Sabahans Bumiputra til I tranfered to Unitar Sabah. I stayed there for a quite long time, so I’d learned and explored KL, Selangor & N9 (my brother staying in N9 and I always go there) a lot. Maximum happiness with my life there but at the end, I’d left everything there including my bf (which is my ex-bf now) in KL and transferred here.

Difficult for me to practice another different life in KK again. Yeah it took 1 year for me to absorb and use to the life here. It’s really really difficult and again, I’d learned a lot of different unexplainable things. I’d completed my final project paper and my practical training in KK and finally I get my Degree Cert. I’d started to work under a construction firm, no related at all with my degree field until today. But as I said many times, I’m not regret with anything I’ve ever done. My degree is only theory for that certain field but at the same time it develops the way of thinking and a good quality of my minded (I think so).

Working environment let me learned a lot of things again, which never been written in any book in any school. Meeting many types of people, good bad smart nerd annoy shellfish stupid busy body gossiping lazy crazy open minded black heart understanding stubborn immature stabbing pretending ect and all these people will always be related to me no matter as a colleague or as a friend. This happened in any working environment and in any office. What should we do is just be smart, also act stupid sometimes and learn ‘tai chi’ to protect ourselves. Never attack people back in an office coz things will getting worst, be good with everyone and just believed in ‘ketulahan’.

Who doesn’t want to improve life? Of course every1 want it so do I. I’d just started a small business / investment last few months and I think this will be my biggest achievement within this year even though no official profit yet and yes I’ll expand it again from time to time when’s there’s profit. And more coming event, still don’t know what’s gonna happen. I can just plan, work on it and pray for the outcome.

Not forgetting to thanks for my bf here, we have been together for almost 4 and half years. I’d being mature and learned a lot from him, he is far more mature than me so he guided me in a lot of things no matter good or bad within this 4 years. (Yeah bad things pun he teach me.) I appreciate everything and really thanks for his unpayable support all this while in anything I’ve done. And he is the one who introduce the above business to me. Anyway, this is me today.. still someone who are nobody that written humble little idea in this blog.

Life is a learning process and full of ‘life and learning chapter’. I know what I want for my life and work on it. Learn from the mistake and observe things more, deep thinker and wise decision. Read more and think the facts more. I believe I’m still young somehow I need a timeframe in anything I target. Yes! Cha you! Cha you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Normally when we talk about vacation, most of us will think about overseas. But honestly, our own country is so beautiful and relaxing and there is more and more tourist flow in into our country especially Sabah from time to time. And can you tell me how many Sabahans have travel all over Sabah? How many Sabahan that've ever gone to a well known place named Pulau Sipadan? How many Sabahan knew that only 20 people allow to stay in Pulau Sipadan in one time? We always talk about a vacation in Hawaii or Bali but people from other country are keep on competing for booking to come Sipadan Island or any places in Sabah.

I'm proud of my own homeland and here I'd found out another beautiful place in Sabah. I knew this place since last two years and it's still under construction at that time. And now, it's open for room reservation and really a good and romantic place for honey moon. It's located somewhere in Kudat and for more info, kindly log on into

Enjoy the photos..

Yes, I'll be here someday.. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last weekend, I’d locked myself in the room and make up myself then he knocked the door and he asked,

“What are you doing in the room for the whole one hour?”


“Whoaaa.. Tampal sini tampal sana..”

“Yeah.. You like to see 'chicks' right? Now I’m just trying to be beautiful.”


Actually I didn’t make up too heavy, just nice for taking photos. It just that he never saw I’m in makeup and he was shock when I do this.

As I’ve ever mentioned in my previous blog, make ourselves beautiful while we still young.

And the following photos have been taken during the wedding dinner between Selliy and his beloved husband Donny. Enjoy the photos..

This word actuall is double 'happiness' combined to be a pair of couple.

Phew.. beautiful brides..

Blue blue.. unable to see the man's face la.. >_<

Flowers, Orange, Sprite, Beer..

It's duck and it's yummy..

These two bottles never opened till we went home..

errmm.. it's art u know.. hehe..

I'd looked after this thing for the whole night coz the photographer said its price RM40 so don't lost it.

urmm.. yeah, i have a lot of photos taken with this camera. will select and upload it into my blog in my next entry. ^_^

Friday, October 23, 2009


I don’t think that I’ve done anything wrong. Yes I’ve a lot of friends and I’m close with a lot of guy friends. But to be honest and do read this!

I’ve my own steady bf and ready to have our commitment soon..

To someone out there, your boyfriend is not my taste & I’m not going to grab your bf ok.. I’m sorry on what had happened & go tight you boyfriend (hmm.. well, if you can..). Your bf never love me and I’m actually wondering, as I know both of you never want to admit that you are couple. And both of you know who am I and my bf. So what’s the point for you to jealous on me? I’ve done nothing.

Sorry to say but I’m tired to look after people’s feeling sometimes. I will just be who am I, I don’t care if I’ve been call bitch coz I know I’m not. And don’t expect me to change. Come on.. Be open minded, if you can accept then accept, if can’t then you can blah.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


There is a session under a radio channel which people can call, sms or comment in facebook on a given topic. The DJ of named othoe is one of my friend in facebook and he had posted this topic last few days.


Topik : Kenapa ramai Graduan menganggur..dimana silapnya?? Belajar bertahun-tahun..bepuluh ribu habis utk segulung ijazah/diploma/phd/master but still..tanam anggur..Y? adakah silap bidang yg diambil..indada permintaan utk bidang tersebut? ataupun sikap graduan yang terlalu memilih... mau gaji basar saja? Apa komen kawan2... Mungkin ada yang ada pengalaman macam ni dulu sekarang suda berjaya.. mari bantu bagi tips.kap graduan yg terlalu memilih..mau gaji basar saja?? Apa komen kawan2..mungkin ada yg ada pengalaman macam ni dulu skarang suda berjaya..mari bantu

And I had replied the DJ that morning with this comment.

Kurang permintaan dalam sesuatu bidang. contohnya beberapa thn yg lepas, kwn saya memohon bidang yg bnyk permintaan tapi bila dpt tawaran pula dpt bidang yg entah apa2 mcm statistik, ukur tanah, laut dalam dll. bila habis belajar, kita boleh nampak bidang2 mcm ni hanya ada d jabatan kerajaan tapi malangnya tiada kekosongan. bila ada 1 kekosongan, beribu org yg memohon. Alamatnya, kenalah bekerja dlm bidang yg lain mcm saya juga.


Memang betul ada juga graduan yang memilih pekerjaan. Saya pun seorang graduan yg ada ijazah tapi masa saya mula kerja dulu, posisi yg saya pohon hanyalah utk seorng lepasan SPM. Terima saja berapa yg syarikat bagi & bila sudah ada pengalaman, gaji naik juga..


Kepada graduan yg susah cari kerja yg bagus juga, buang pemikiran ‘makan gaji’ dan boleh jadi usahawan kecil-kecilan. Jgn pandang rendah dgn kerja-kerja kampung, pertanian & perikanan sebenarnya adalah perniagaan yg sangat menguntungkan hanya kita yg perlu jadi bijak., beribu org yg memohon. alamatnya, kenalah kerja dlm bidang yg lain mcm saya juga..

When I logged in back my facebook acc in the evening, I received few private messages from few people that I don’t know. They had mail me and talk about the above topic. I was wondering why are those people private mail to me and didn’t just replied on the DJ’s wall post. When I read back my own comment, oh owh.. Seems like my first point is a bit sensitive to certain parties. I’ve just comment and gave my opinion based on my experience and that is what I had experienced.

Most of my friends even my own cousin and sister had applied for a course that they interested and high demand such as engineering, hotel management, business admin ect but at the end they had been offered the course like statistic, marine, forestry ect which u can see vacancies for those courses are very limited in our country but just imagine there is around 40 students in 1 class and 40 students graduated every year under the same course. When there is 1 vacancy for that certain field, thousands of people will apply the same vacancy. This is what I’d experience. My friends applied engineering course but they got offered for another courses and they accepted it. They go due to people always said don’t let go a good chances and of course eager to study in a college! Same thing happened to my sister in the year of 80’s. See.. These kinds of things have happened since loooong time ago. The college will always given the reason saying that ‘the engineering class is full’, something like that.

Honestly, students who graduated from SPM is so young and not mature. Still don’t have a clear direction and still don’t know how to make a good decision and what they really want. It happened to me before too. I don’t know anything and just accept anything in front of me. Family said go then I go. I only realize that I actually was not so interested with what I was studying when I was in my 2nd year in my college but I know quitting after 2 years from the course is not a good idea so I just go ahead. And now, I’m working in a company that is totally not related with my studied field at all but I never feel regret. I’m not professional in something but I’ve learn a lot of things in general. I’ve tested myself in my working environment and now I knew my capability. My degree not only given me knowledge but it make me become someone who educated. People said, ‘The quality of our minded will determine the quality of our life’ and I believe educated people have good quality of minded. Hee.. minja puji.. Yeah a degree is very common now adays but still different people and different way of thinking and minded.

Talking about my 2nd point up there, yeah it’s true there is some people who so choosy with their first job. I just share a little bit of my experience here, I’d used my degree cert to apply my first job and started with a very low salary which is same as a SPM holder’s salary but of course there is increment once we have few months working experience. People said we actually can get a better job with higher salary. Yes talk is easy but believe it or not, sometimes getting a job is based on our luck (rezeki). We might better than other people out there but sometimes other people get the job easily and we are not. Ever experience that?

My 3rd point, forget about work with other people. Become a boss, start up and own a small business. What do u think about a small stall which selling kuih pisang or air kelapa? RM1 here RM1 there, 20 people already RM20 or more but mind that it only need a small capital. We just need to work a bit harder. I think these kinds of businesses are quit suitable for those who are jobless and those who feel hard to find a job. Modern agriculture and fishery actually is also something that is quite profitable. I’m investing in some business at the moment too and I’m going to stop working with people soon. ;) Hopefully everything is running smoothly and will introduce to u people later if it’s true really profitable.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I’d started this new interest of mine this recently, which is fashion. I’d started to love and buy magazines like female, cleo, her world ect this lately. Ok ok I know.. People had started it since long time ago and I’d just started this lately. Previously I just feel that these kinds of magazines are expensive, lack of useful info and knowledge and it’s more into miscellaneous gossips which they said as ‘latest news of artistes’. Yes it is until today but at the same time these magazines have improved and there is a lot of good tips for those fashionista who like to shop, make up and dressing follows the trend. Other than that, it also included some info about healthy food, vacation, relationship ect. And those info’s are what I’d love even though I’m not so fashionable.

I’m sure every ladies love to be beautiful and sexy, and to be a model is every lady’s dream. But of course, sedar diri la ba kalau tidak layak.. hehehe.. And I do read a model and Miss Malaysia’s blog who is a Sabahan too – Stella Matilda. She is not stingy of tips in her blog, how to make ourselves look good and beautiful, the latest trend or fashion and also her activities. Honestly I love her blog and from her blog I can know she is someone who is educated, great minded, soft heart (sabahan heart. Yeah..), strong decision ect. I like her tips the most.

Ahh.. Back to the fashion. I actually a bit regret that, I’m not into fashion when I was young. I mean when my age is around early 20’s. I didn’t know how to dress well, how to make my hair more nicer ect. Well, just come out from kampung. I was still a fresh student in college at that time and I was always just wore big t-shirt, straight cut long pants, bringing school bag behind and tight up my hair like the horse tail but didn’t look like horse tail, more looks like a broom. I only started to play with my hair when I was 3rd year in college but my body is plum at that time. xoxo.

And now, I just realize that we as a lady should dress up and be fashionable while we still young. Tak kan lah sudah tua baru maw bergaya, nanti org lain nampak & cakap ‘tidak sedar diri pula ni aunt’. LOL. I’m not going to be a model but I’m just thinking if I could change a bit of my appearance but..

RM again!!

Hmmm.. see what can I do.. :p

- Just be fashionable but avoid ‘only wear once’ like most of lucky people.

- Do treatment on hair rather than keep on changing hair style in saloon coz that will torture up our hair and I’ll try to keep long hair this time ^_^.

- Skin care and be hygienic.

- Facial rather than make up but soft make up, yes.

- Healthy food and more fruits.

- Contact lens? Will think about that.

I love the above photo and fashion but I'm not serious with it. ^_^

Somehow, all of the above has to depend on budget. It can be upgrade step by step?

However, I believe that the inner beauty of our heart is still the most important and it will sticks with us till we old.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just wanna talk about some lady's story which is about my love relationship.

“How long you’ve been together with your boyfriend?”

“It’s more than 4 years.”

Actually I don’t know what’s the actual date we’d started being together. I believe every relationship has it’s up and down but I seldom tell people the problems and bad moment in my relationship all this while. I avoid saying bad things about him, after all I love him and he is my special one. Some people (biasalah perempuan.. nothing else is interesting than talking about guys/bf) asking me more and some were asking how can we’d been together for so long, it’s time to get married and bla bla bla.. I’d found out I’m hard to answer most of their question coz it’s a long story. Anyway, I’m going to write it down and post it here someday. I’m not saying my relationship is perfect, we haven’t reached the marriage stage but honestly I’m proud of my relationship. I know there are a lot of things that people never expect on us. Just give me some times to recall and write it down. It’s 4 years story and I might need to post it part by part.

And here, I just wanna wish few happy and beautiful couple..

Mr. Donny Kerk (Tamparuli) and Miss Selliy Chee (Penampang).

Wish both of you Happy Wedding and Happy Ever After. Thanks for the invitation.


Miss Sussan Tan and Mr. Roland Ho.

Happy Wedding and enjoy your beautiful life..


Miss Stella Juanis and her beloved husband.. (Sorry I don’t know the Mr. Right’s name)

Happy Wedding and wish you endless love..


Wah.. so much new born wedding couple and one of my cousin will be this coming November. ^_^ Congrats congrats..

Monday, October 19, 2009


I can't wait for this..
Ladies and Gentleman, it's October special in sushi king starting from today til this coming Thursday. RM2 for each plate of sushi! Only applicable for members.
wheeee... I'm loving it.

yummy yummy..

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today in my history:

I reached office at 6.30am today, it's a longer day for me to be in office. Anyway, I don't know why this kind of day made me very energetic & very excited to do my task in office. I think wake up early in the morning made me happy.

I'd found out this again..
Which I target to have it (again?). Yeah I'm in love with this. ^_^
Nokia N97 mini!

The current Nokia N97's price around RM2,000++ and the Nokia N97 mini is a bit smaller than the current N97 and it suit for ladies. The mini one has more application (especially for facebook user) + bigger capacity of memory. However, Nokia N97 mini will only available in Malaysia by end of this year.

To be honest, I attracted by this phone because of it's outlook. Yeah I love it's design, it is so smart and it's application actually is not the 1st priority for me coz normally I use phone only more on calling and SMSes. Somehow, it's only one of my dream. I would happy to have it, I target to get it but depends on my budget and situation. Will not eager to buy it coz my current phone is still in good condition except it's outlook which full of scratch and also my RM matters.

Nokia juga lah.. Until today, I have used my current phone for more than 3 years but it still very good. Worth it although Nokia is more expensive than other phone.

Nokia N97 mini, wait for me.. ^_^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Found out this music from youtube, it's such a nice music.. Thanks Jamie shared it in facebook, I'm in love with it too.. ^_^

I just want to share the music with everyone because it's too good, no intention to copyright and I actually get this from youtube, not from other's website.
This music had been aranged by a loving dad, dedicated this song to his 7 years old daughther. So sweet..
I just loving it..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'd realized that, the more I am getting older, the more I would like to stay at home especially my hometown.

Once again, just upload and share some photos of my home town. When I saw the kids (my nieces), I just remember my childhood. I was just like them too, doing some kampung activities.

Do not ever follow this. 'Getah manggis' will stick on your clothes and it can't be washed away anymore. I used to and always do this when I was a kids.

He never cry and never ask anyone's help. He solve it himself..

This dog is shortleg.

The cat named 'Pineapple'

My 3rd sis, beautiful leh..

My lovely mum & her grandson.

I just love my hometown and I'm proud to be who I am.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Sometimes, I just feel like I want to tell some people these words:

“YOU ARE SO STUPID!! And you can go to hell.”

Unfortunately, I think everyone of us had been trained to control our words that come out from our mouth. When we said the above sentence, normal answer that people will give us back:

“Jadi ko pikir ko pandai sangat? Tidak sedar diri!”

Har har har.. I admit I’m not stupid and yes I’m intelligent and I don’t like to listen to you, so what?

Gggrrhh.. Geram.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I’d received this forwarded message last night:

Kedutaan Besar Indonesia, KL – Orang ramai yang ingin menghulur bantuan ke mangsa gempa bumi Sumatra boleh menyumbang ke akaun CIMB 1453 0001 5180 51.

Sorry to say here, but this is my personal opinion.


How true is this message? I can simply sms people saying that “If you want to donate to orphanage you can bank in your money to CIMB 12XX XXXX XXXX 28”, which that account actually is my personal account number.

Second, Sorry to say this..
I use to donate money when there is tsunami hit Yogjakarta, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand ect past few years. But after that I realize and thinking that why does our country only donate to Yogjakarta and not Sri Lanka or other country at that time.

Taiwan & China always been hit by earthquake or flood and there is always a lot of victim every year but why there is never have collection of donation for them?

And third, sorry to say this again..

Now, there is another donation for earthquake victim in Sumatra. Yes I know some people have the heart to do donation sincerely but common Malaysia..

You want to donate to other country but some of places and family in your own country is POOR LIKE HELL!! COME OVER TO SABAH AND GO TO RURAL AREA! OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AT OUR OWN COUNTRY! They are a lot of kampung people are far more living hard! Even some places are no water supply no electricity less food less education clinic is far school is far walk 5km to school everyday no proper road no proper job (due to low educational) and live in a broken house. What had happen?

But I never saw there is someone from our own country collect donation for helping those poor kampung people in our country.

And I’m pity with the media in Sabah, seems like they are not been given the priority like media in peninsular which the media in Sabah seldom show to country the actual life of people in kampung here. They have problem or politic story is more important or what I don’t know. Yes there is a few news on that sometimes, but do Malaysian especially our Minister do aware or put attention or do something of it?

I promise if I go to rural area in Sabah again, I’ll take some photos and show it to you in my blog. But don’t ask me to collect donation for those kampung people coz if I donate money, I’ll bring my own money and go into those rural area myself and talk to them personally. If you intended to donate too, I'll bring you go there together. It’s good for you to go yourself to see those poor people with your own eyes. I mean it.

For anyone out there, if you still want to donate for the earthquake victim in Indonesia then it’s up to you. I’m not tightening your hand and it’s your choice. But as I said, sorry I’m not going to donate for that again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I woke up this morning, I don't know why there is something stick in my mind which is,


Till I'd checked the air ticket once I reached office this morning. I calculated how much should I save my money to go vacation, and I checked in the news paper how much should I budget.

Few places that always in my mind are:

Angkor Wat Cambodia. for me this place is unique and must go this place one day..

A more expensive country to travel, Australia..

A more beautiful place to go, New Zealand. I must be here in one day.

Another outstanding place in the world, Japan..

Other than the above places, aiming to go Europe too but to be in Europe is more expensive. Anyway, I have the target to get there and will work for it.

So now I have another new target to save my money for next year. I know I can..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Just wanna share few photos of our mid autumn festival celebration. Very simple but memorable.

Only few tang lung due to the strong wind in Ranau last saturday but it's fun enough.

3rd Sister with the food.

Little boy burning candle. Background is so messy. >_<

2nd Sister with food.

I'm happy with my weekend and will share more photos in my coming posting soon.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I’d dreamed to buy a camera since last 2 years ago. At that time, my salary is just similar to a SPM holder. I’d hold that dream all this while without buying it due to a lot of nonstop RM problem and today, I’d got it. This simple thing made me remember a lot of the things.

Why I’m saying this is meaningful to me, I’m not as lucky as many people out there who can buy anything easily. I start everything from the bottom and I’d put 2 months effort to save and control my money just for buying a very simple thing. I think this is the first expensive thing that I’d buy using my own money. Anyway, thanks to someone who top up a little bit for me. Even my handphone has been bought since I was a student last few years, and I still using it till today. Can u imagine that? How outdated and how ugly with full of scratch on my handphone is, no mp3, no mp4, no 3G, no memory card only internal memory, even no Bluetooth! Poor me but I’m happy with it..

Honestly my family gave a lot of money when I was a student before and they’d stopped it since I started to work. Yeah I used to live a life that spends a lot of money. My salary is so small for me when I started working, to be frank it’s not enough for me or for a person who live in a city at all but I accepted that and my family let me be independent.

I still remember that when my family asked me “Do u still have money? Do your money is enough?” I always answer them “I have money & my money is enough”. Actually not! I’d lied on them especially my parents on that eventhough my purse is empty (Oh god this made my tears falling down). And I only managed to give my parents a little bit money from my first salary. I feel ashamed, honestly I only gave them money once all this while which is from that first salary and the other time, I only buy things and bring back to hometown since then, never give them cash for the second time and never buy a single expensive or big thing to my family yet. Thank god my financial is getting better now & I’m happy coz till to date my life has improved compare to last year but I know, what my family looking is my heart not my money anyway. And I insist to buy the camera before today is just because we have family gathering tonight, which is mooncake festival and I’m going back hometown shortly to capture every memorable moment. At the same time, I promise and set in my head that I’ll help my family to improve their life from time to time too.

Back to my camera story, I'm not pro & haven't finished studied this new camera. The following photos is just a testing. Still a lot of noise and will improve my photography skill. :p

Tak sabar o mo balik kampung ari ni.. ^_^


Happy Mooncake Festival 1 Malaysia..

Thursday, October 1, 2009


September is end and October is coming. Another festival that I’d waited is around the corner. It call Mid Autumn Festival or more popular to be call as Moon Cake Festival.
This festival is for lunar worship and moon watching, which is the biggest & roundest of the moon all over the year. Moon cakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy on this occasion and it offered between friends or family gatherings while celebrating the festival and playing own decorated creative tang lung. But for us, we don’t make our own tang lung but we buy.

And yeah I’m going back to my hometown for it this coming weekend and it’s family gathering! Really look forward to it and the following photo been taken during last year Mooncake Festival.

So mooncakes & tang lungs, wait for me..
I'd got my salary actually but feel lazy to go and buy the camera. >_<