Friday, December 4, 2009


Abandoned my blog for few days. Well, not ‘so in the mood’ to blog out something. Have a problem at the moment that no one will understand and this is so incidentally related to my previous blog – ‘Your Last RM50’.

Previously, we get our salary cheque by the company and, either we cash out or bank in into our account ourselves. And then, the company not encourage us to cash out cheque and they changed the system which, they will direct bank in into our account.

There are 2 banks just next to our office and last month, our account department asked me if I have any one of the nearest bank’s bank account. Yes I have one account but it has been long time no transaction. I went to ATM, checked everything and I can access everything so I gave the account number to our account department.

Last Saturday was our pay day. Checked my account in the ATM from a supermarket in town and happy to found out that salary was cleared but withdrawal been rejected. Tried 2 times in 2 different machines in 2 different supermarkets but it was not succeed. My sis told me that, “every people are pay day and everyone is shopping for MegaSale, the machine might out of money.” Hmm.. Okey..

Tried to withdraw Monday on the nearest bank then found out the account is inactive. Went to the nearest counter, told them my problem and the bank officer advised me to bring my account book to counter do withdrawal then my account will be activate. I told the officer that I’d lost my account book and she said “Ko cari dulu.” Okey, went back home and looked for everywhere but still couldn’t find it. Yeah it has been so long time didn’t touch that account, same to the account book.

Back to the bank, told them that the book has lost and the officer once again gave another disappointed answer. “We only have Islamic account here, your account is conventional account. We can’t do it here, you have to go other branch.” Okey find, there is another bank not too far from my office and it is their head office for Sabah.

In the head office, they’d passed me to 4 different counters and imagine I’d explained 4 times, I was unhappy with that. I’d spent more than 1 hour there and at the end, they gave me nothing, asked me do nothing but go back. According to them, they’ve to request sample of my signature from KL then will call me to come for signing. Gosh..

Silent.. Yesterday, I’d called and followed up what was the status. I was surprised that they told me that they only sent memo to KL office and they haven’t received any reply yet and didn’t call KL. “Office in KL is not easy to call and they always don’t pick up phone.” Then how they know whether KL office had received their memo or not? Wow.. What a good bank! No wonder I don’t like their service since last time and stop using their account until inactive. Yes I have my mistake which not taking care my account book but I’m a customer and they should help me solve my current problem. A colleague of mine has the same problem with me in other bank but he had settled his account without his account book within one day! It seems like I have to change to other bank again after I settled my current problem.

Almost related to the previous topic that I’d posted, don’t have much money now. Most of my saving gone to my business investment and now I don’t know when will my account settle. Probably until my next pay cheque coming out? I don’t know when will my pay cheque coming out!

And another thing that made me disappointed is, a good friend of mine borrowed my money last few months. He’d ever borrowed my money before that but he did pay me back and that made me trusted him. The last time was, he promised to pay me back within few days after he borrowed it. Helped him because of friendship but then til now I’d waited for almost 3 months! Found out he still able to buy new shirts and new shoes while I’m so shit here. Ouch!! I was so stupid and now I’m so poor! Because of good friend, I told him my problem last few days but he responded nothing. Ohh.. Damn disappointed! Lesson learned!

Make me remember this statement:

"Dogs have no money. Isn’t that amazing? They’ve broke their entire life but they get through it!"

Seems like I have to become a dog now. LOL. Combination of my feeling make me don’t know how to explain. I feel sad but I still enjoy the hardship. Somehow, if I success in my life one day, this will be a great lesson and history of mine.



Not related to the above issue at all, share some photos during my cousin's wedding. I'm going to post it part by part coz the photos is too many. Enjoy the pics..

Looks familiar. This is done by me during my bro's wedding in 2006 and they reused it but no one knows about it. ;)

Saw something traditional? It's fun and will tell u more story later.

Nah.. go buy the number.. LOL

Doesn't it looks like jellyfish?

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