Tuesday, November 3, 2009


People now days playing with camera and not hand phone anymore. My bf borrowed my camera last few weeks. When he returned the camera, of course I checked what had they captured and if there is anything interesting. Keep on viewing the photos again and again (well, that’s cameraman’s normal attitude) and downloaded it into my computer and viewed in the computer again.

Until last few days, when I viewed the photos in my camera again before I deleted from my camera then I saw someone who is look so familiar in my camera.


And I viewed the other photos and zoom it again and again.

Hah.. This photos been taken since last few weeks and had view the photos again and aiagn but only now then I saw it! Then I sms my bf, asked him who is their goal keeper for that game. He just answered me,

“Yeah he is not from Kudat but he joined our team. He’s from Tambunan but grew up in Ranau. He is Sino.”

Ooohh.. Then it’s true that is him. My ex-classmate who I didn’t meet for almost 10 years and now his face is in my camera without knowing it. He is getting fatter than before. I really surprise with it somehow, I'm glad that I’d found him through my facebook.


Adrynna a.k.a inDut said...

ui moi..sapa sdh tu nama dia?? sa pun lupa sdh.hahaha

JanGkiE said...

c idik ba 2 wisiah~ hehehehe

Wiskies said...

haha ya.. si charles. tulah saya pun terkejut, punya lama tdk jumpa dia sekali tiba2 ada muka dia dlm camera saya.