Thursday, June 25, 2009


Damn fever and cought, really made me uncomfirtable but i know i'm not going to die yet.. hehehe..

Just upload this photo to share with you all, quite a smart and cool advertisement.

Remember, never hurry your wife..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is what we always hear when we go to KFC.

“Having here or take away sir?”


“I repeat your order miss…”

To be frank, I love to eat KFC. I repeat, I love to eat KFC.. ahahaha.. ~ hint..

And I was surprised when I went to one of this KFC Branch in KK. Actually I knew it since last few years and it is so special. You will never hear the sentence and dialogs up there. Y? Because that KFC Branch has been employed by handicap, most of the staff in the outlet is handicap; even the cashier at the front counter is someone who unable to talk. The shop is so quite and peaceful, and there is Wifi on day time. The KFC Brach I mean is the one in Tanjung Aru. I went to a lot of KFC in Peninsular even oversea but I never saw 1 like this. May be there are but I never saw and never went into it.

I love and support this kind of concept which can help the handicaps a lot and let them have a proper job like normal people do. It has been launched and opened on February 1996.

But still, what had I realized.. Those cashier unable to talk, and we as customers have to communicate with them using sign language too. Or, write in a paper and pass it to them. However, I ever saw someone who had their meal from the plastic bag in the restaurant. It means, there is miscommunication among the cashier and customers. The customers wanted to had their meal in the restaurant but the cashier might think that the customer want to take away.

Somehow, I’ll support if there is a new shop with this kind of concept to be open.

Friday, June 19, 2009


OK set! I’m going back to hometown this weekend!

My sis had asked me to buy fresh cream and topping cream for cake. Hmm? Meaning to say she going to bake cake! Hah.. Yes she is going to back cake for one of my niece’s birthday and also father’s day.

Father’s Day.. I love my dad and will go back to spend my time with him and my family.

My dad used to work in government servant before, the one who controlling mosquito (Nyamuk Aedes). Hehehe.. In Hospital Malaria. He used to force us to sleep with mosquito net. The problem is that, every one of us ware so lazy to set up mosquito net and we prefer just spray the room before sleep.

After he retired, he became a small trader by selling hardware and he also look after of his durian farm. I’m glad with him, I know he had put so much effort and work hard to let me complete my study. Not only for me but for my sisters and brother too. He had worked so hard for us and it’s time for him to rest and we work for him (if he work for hobby and just spend time then up to him la..). His face really shows that he was so happy and out of burdens after I complete my study. I’m the youngest and I’m the last he has to spend. He was so proud when he attended my convocation (although I was not 1st class student). Anyway, I believe that’s only a result stated in a paper, the most important is still our minded and thinking. Why I’m saying that way because I met a lot of people including my bosses are millionaire at the moment but actually most of them not a degree holder and some of them doesn’t have even a Diploma. & I also ever met someone who has degree are jobless and go nowhere. My dad was so worry with that last time, he ever suggested me just to continue form 6 or work and not University or College. Anyway, sorry with what had happened and thanks to my family especially my dad finally he encouraged and supported me, study in higher level is important now days and a requirement for current life.

My dad is a very strict person but friendly. He talks a lot and keeps repeating same story again and again to anyone. The TV at home will be his TV at 8pm everyday (compulsory must watch Berita). He likes to stay at home and always trying hard to make his grandchild happy. He ever advice me not to get married but don’t ask me why on that. I’m made him angry for so many times on many things but I know at the same he’s proud of me.

Just wishing him and every dad in this world very Happy Father’s Day..
I love you dad.. (Hensom & macho kan him time muda-muda.. hehe..)
& another announcement, my boss's car been robbed last few days had been found in Penampang Area. Everything is still in good condition and remain untouched except they had changed the plat number.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is one of the hot topic in kk at the moment. I’ve ever heard a lot of opinion from lot of people, I don’t agree some of what people said but I don’t like to argue more with them. So here I just write down my opinion, readers agree or not, at least I’ve speak out everything in my mind. Rather than argue with them, belum lagi ko habis cakap sudah dorang bantah.

Public transportation system in KK has changed starting this month, no public bus allow to go into the city except city bus. Bus terminal will be near the Wawasan Plaza and passengers have to change bus there to go into city. Anyone who are working in kk and for those who depends on public transport like me were affected. I have to ride two buses just from Kepayan to KK but luckily I’m working in Sadong Jaya area, then I don’t have to change bus (kecuali if tiada bas besar. I have to follow mini bus from Kepayan until simpang, and change the mini bus from Putatan coz mini buses from kepayan not passing Muis & KWSP building), it just that the bus stop is quite far and i have to walk. Really inconvenient if it's raining but what to do. It’s complicated right, only people who go anyway depends on public transport will understand.

Since the public transportation system in KK changed, KK become so quite, no jam in the city, badly jam near the Wawasan Plaza traffic light (due to every public transport go to one same destination), people complaining the inconvenient, people hate to change bus, people have to pay more for bus fee just to go to city, people came late to work, arrive home late, less people go into city, public transport become less passenger, hearing complain here and there, passenger complaining, bus driver complaining, politician compliment in news paper ect.

We can’t avoid people’s complaint every time we start something new or we change to a new system. Some people might agree with it and some people don’t. I’ve think of this ‘problem’ (but some say it’s a good planning) for quite some times. Mana lah tau if next time I’ll change working place to KK, or I’ve to go somewhere to do something.. Like the other day I was sick and I have to go clinic by myself, I’ve no choice due to I must go back to the same clinic as I went previously. Yes it’s quite inconvenient. I saw the problem there is, it seems like no proper management on the bus terminal. Changing to a new system is not easy. The buses parked everywhere, and some buses been chased away from parking there, not fair.. The city bus is not enough and a bit ‘greedy’, they only will move if only their bus is full of people like sardine, otherwise they won’t move.

What actually been planned by the Mayor, is a very beautiful planning for future KK city. But, it’s not easy to implement and maintain. What they had started is, they moved the public transport(to go outside KK) from KK Padang to Inanam terminal, and there are shuttle bus KK-Inanam terminal too but it was not dully successful. Until today, only those big buses who go Tawau, Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Semporna, Kunak, Lawas has been placed in Inanam. Others like taxi, mini buses, unser, some big buses still maintain parked near the KK Padang.

Then slowly, they started with this month planning which is place the public transport terminal around KK near Wawasan Plaza and only city bus can go into city. Seems like there are so many complaints, we don’t know yet whether this plan will really successful or not. As I said it’s not easy, a lot of things need to be look into.

Next, there will b no private transport allow to go into the city. Will only have city bus in the city, but that will be very long time to go, not in this time around. But it’s not easy and the Mayor will receive more complaints at that time coz people who use own car to go anywhere, will expect the public transport is as convenient as own transport. Even people who have car have to ride bus to city too. They have to think a lot and to have a location for people to park their car, somewhere near the bus terminal and go to city by city bus just like the LRT station in KL. People park their car at the LRT station and they go everywhere by LRT. But you see, private car in KK are so many, they need a big space for them to park their car. One suggestion may be they can do car park building.

They planned to make KK city a beautiful city like Europe style, full with beautiful landscaping, clean city, statue, water front, unpolluted, no jam, beautiful tourist centre ect. But to reach that stage they need to do so many things, proper planning and implementation and it need more than 10 years time.

Until ‘the today’s stage’, most of people don’t agree what have been planned. They still don’t see any benefit. Yes it’s inconvenient at this moment but it actually is a good planning for future. I love their idea actually and I do believe there is always complaint when we start something new or change to a new system. But the Mayor must take those complaints as guidance to improve the services and also the city.

I’ve ever stayed in Petaling Jaya before. People said PJ is so near with KL, it’s only 30 minutes journey by own transport or taxi (if there’s not jam) 40 minutes journey by LRT (not including the time from my house to LRT station) and 1 hour journey by bus(if there’s no jam). There is always taxi anywhere there, but it still takes around 20 minutes from house to LRT station, then LRT 40 minutes, then go out from LRT, may b (may b not) need to take another taxi to reach office/college/mall ect. It’s more than 1 hour journey. Some people in KK said, y transportation in KK is not like in KL. I wonder y people want the transportation system like in KL. Yes facilities and transportation easy to get everywhere in KL, just stand anywhere you will easily found a taxi. But still the fasters you can go from PJ to KL is 30 minutes. Is that good? Compare to KK, from Indah Permai you can reach KK city less than 15 minutes if there is no jam and no flood.

I still remember last time, my x-roommate worked in KL. Her working our started at 8.30am and she woke up as early as 6.30am get ready and go to work, and her office hour off at 5.30pm and she will arrive home the earliest is 7.30pm. I wonder y people in KK can’t do the same when the bus system changed, don’t they like the system such as in KL? Do wake up early guys..The system just started, of course there is a lot of problem and inconvenient. And one more thing that I believe, people will stop complaining only after they used to it. Just ask someone named Jonay, how much I’ve ever complaint the public transport in KK to him since I came back from KL. But until today, I used to it. I don’t say I’m happy and satisfied with it but I used to it, and I feel so thankful every time I have been fetch and send to work without riding the public transport.

Some people in KK complaining that KK have no LRT like the one in KL. Oh common, just look at the population in KK itself, is that suitable to have LRT system in KK yet? Even LRT in KL still suffering with the losses until today.

After those planning I’d mentioned above, when the population in KK is big enough, for sure the Mayor will think about LRT system. Now public bus also not in order yet, apa lagi LRT.. it still a very long way and very far to reach LRT system. They have to start step by step, and now they just started from the public transport in KK and facing thousand of complaining is not easy. Corruption is every way, but I believe DBKK is working hard and do the best. Just look at our city today compare to last few years, yeah no big difference but become more and more beautiful and more upgrade.
So far, I only meet one (1), only one people in KK who have the same though with me which is happy and look forward with the planning (except those who planned it la..). The others, all are opposite and complaining about the system, that’s y I malas argue with them. Some times, it's better be quite. I know I can’t win their words but I believe with my though. I’m not asking those people agree with me, just that hoping them to think positively and open their eyes widely. It’s not bad for us actually but it’s a beautiful planning for future. Every country or city has their own rules, when you want to stay in one country or city you have to follow their rules. I’m sure you guys don’t want a country without rules.. People have the right to complaint and talk but believe me, this kind of things people will stop complaining when they used to it. Just change yourself to suit with it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My bro working in Peninsular, married there and has a cute 2 years old daughter. Last month he came back Sabah together with his family during the Kaamatan and school holiday. He went back N9 1 week later and he told me a story.

Last weekend, he and his family (wife and daughter) went back to his mother in law’s house in Port Dickson. His two years old daughter keeps on saying “I want to go home..”.

After a while there, they went back their home in Nilai. The small daughter still keep on saying “I want to go home..”..

My bro and sis in law wonder and asked her “You are at home now, which home you want to go?”

“I want to go home..”

Then my bro asked her again “Do you mean you want to go Nenek’s house?”

Then my small nephew answered “yes..”

She still miss her moment in Sabah. I’ve just uploaded few photos which shows that those kids are so enjoy and happy with their school holidays and some of my activity there..

My Hometown, Ranau..

Kampung kids and city kids.. It's a bird in the cage..

Feeding mamee keropok to a bird.

Became grandma's hand after having bath in Hot Spring..

My niece and nephews..

Look at them, everyone is so happy..

I was playing badminton with a small Lee Chung Wei.. Wondering how to play coz there is strong wind at that moment..

And the suttle cock fly onto the roof!

But no worries, look at the kids is so united and co-operate to settle it..

This photo is during my nephew birthday party, everyone has their own style, just look like sakai and aliens..
Those are my happiness.. I love my hometown and my family. I like my activities there, relaxing and not rushing at all like in a city..

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'd MC for 2 days. Damn.. Bagus2 tiada masalah cari masalah.. Sometimes i hate myself but thank God i'm getting more ok now, and hopefully i will always b healthy.. Today come back to office, my table full of things.. wow.. Baru 2 days.. luckily my colleuge easy to find anything i did, they able to find anything themselve so i have received no call from them in this two days and i have a good rest.. thanks guys..

One inccident had happened on my boss, her car been robbed. Green Toyota Camry SAA8367M, stolen on 11th June 2009 in Indah Permai. This is the story by her through email:

Dear Friends,
Last nite at about 10.30 pm, 11th June 2009, my sis stopped at our friend's house in Indah Permai to collect mail at the gate. Just as she got out of the car to walk to the mail box at the gate, a kancil pulled up in the opposite direction & stopped next to her. A man walked out and got into my car. He locked the door and said something to a friend of ours who was waiting in the passenger seat. She did not understand as he spoke chinese (she's a bumi). Before she could say anything, he waved a parang at her, trying to hit her but she managed to push his hand away. At the same time, she was frantically tugging to open the car door. When my sis turned around, the man was reversing the car out of the driveway entrance and saw our friend hit by the door as she jumped out, and fell. The man sped off with my car, and so did his accomplice in the kancil.
The area was well lit, fully populated and neighbours were still awake. The commotion and screams brought the neigbours out, including a policeman who stayed opposite and helped to contact the polis ronda. We are thankful that our friend managed to jump out of the car albeit being hurt n bruised.
Everything was over in under 3 minutes. After dat, its all the police reports, statements, etc, etc.
Wen i woke up this morning, Many questions came to mind - were they tailing my car? No, didnt notice any car behind. What were these guys doing then? Going around housing estates waiting to break in? To pounce on people? or to rob cars?
What if our friend did not manage to get out? If there were children in the car? or it had happened to a whole family who reached home and the driver got out to open the gates? (which is so common here). I shudder..thinking of the possible consequences.
Then i thought about wat were in my car dat he drove off office keys, hse keys, handphones.. and got worried. The car manual contains my address!will he come to the house or ofis? 1 incident yet so many possible consequences.
How do v avoid a situation like this? lock the car when u get down?..he may attack u.Get every1 out of the car when u reach yr gate? maybe better, he can juz take the car..if dat's wat he wants!
I became a Paranoid!!
Never thought it could happen here in KK? juz happened to some1 u know!
Please take precaution, be aware of the environment b4 getting out of your car... be very very careful. Inform your loved ones.
And of course, as of now, there's no news of my car, a green 2.4 Camry. Its probably different plate no. or color or stripped!
Our state of security has gone to the dogs...
Scary man.. Anything and anywhere can happen. If they really just want your car that's ok, worry the one who will hurt or do anything on you.. No matter guys or girls, must always b carefull.. If possible, kasi kurang2 lah aktiviti malam tu (padahal sendiri selalu kuar mlm.. :p).. Some people might aim and always watching us, we never know..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I believe some of you ever climbed our natural beauty Mount Kinabalu. It only cost you RM100 over and not more than RM200 per person last time. Starting from last year (2008) til now, climbing Mount Kinabalu will cost you almost RM500 per person. Nasib baik saya sudah naik time muda-muda dulu.. kekekekek.. I missed those beautiful and unique sceneries up there, thinking to climb it for another time but the price stopped me.

Y are there so expensive? I’m not sure, may b they have to do very tough maintenance up there. Everything is still the same price as last time except the accommodation at Laban Rata and they include meal in a package. The prices are as follow:

Climbing Fee

Permit Fee

Adult - RM30
Insurance per person – RM7
Certificate(color) – RM10
Trail Fee - RM5

Guide Fee

1-3 climber(s) – RM42.50
4-5 climbers – RM50

*Timpohon is the starting and end point at National Park

That is Climbing Fee (haven’t include Laban Rata accommodation), not exit RM70 per person. I still remember last time, accommodation cost only around RM65 per person and now, it will be..

RM2,360 per room includes:

- Dormitory Bunk Beds (Double Decker bed as we stayed last time)
- 6 person per room (it means RM393.30 per person)
- Heater (yeah, last time there was no heater for us)
- Common Bathroom (yes bathroom is clean and well maintained)
- Heated Shower (I still remember there is hot water direct from the pipe for bath)
- Restaurant Area (Restaurant just nearby from the room)
- Lunch (last time all meal are own cost)
- Dinner (last time all meal are own cost)
- Breakfast (last time all meal are own cost)
- Lunch after descent (last time all meal are own cost)
- Early Supper
(last time all meal are own cost)

I only showed few prices that we usually paid for climbing mountain. Those prices are not applicable for below 18 years old and for a non Malaysian. Prices show above is only for Timpohon-Summit-Timpohon, there is more starting and end point including Mesilau, Ketal’s Route, more peaks other than Summit, Sub Station, Air Terjun ect. There is Porter service and Helicopter ride too. Accommodation in Laban Rata has several choices of room, I only showed the dormitory room here. Kindly Log in to for more info.

* Those photos are not taken by me but it was so beautiful..

Friday, June 5, 2009


Busy with my work this recently, didn't online for few days and no time to crack my head to get idea for blogging.. 3 different new tasks for me, 1 will complete on Monday (~hopefully~) and another two is coming. Damn I've no idea and lack of guide on the new tasks given to me but i'm happy too I have and will learn something new.
Just talk about anything I heard and saw..
There is one incident happened on last weekend, I know I'm not suppose to laugh at it but I don't know y whenever I thinked about it I feel it was a bit funny. The story is like this: me and my sis went back to Ranau last Saturday, my sis was driving. On the way back, at one corner of the road, there is a van accident. The van didn't bumb with anything or any other car, it just slip off on the road by itself. The car is kereta mayat and there is corpse inside that van. Just imagine the corpse already died and dead again for the second time. hehehe.. Pity actually.. and the end of the story, the van driver also dead in that accident.
No. 2
Last few day I was having lunch with few of my colleagues, someone asking us and made me think a lot on it. He asked: You work for your wedding or you work for a family?
He means, you earn money for your wedding or you earn money for your future family? Most of people don't realize, most of them working hard to earn money just because of the wedding function and hantaran. Normally people will think more mature and thinking earn for family only after they have their own kids.
No. 3
My sis told me that most of the public transport around KK are not allowed to go into the city. Hmm.. what a planning.. They only allowed to stop at bus terminal near Wawasan Plaza and there is only city bus are allowed to bring passanger from the terminal go into kk city. It means I have to ride in two buses only from Kepayan to KK. It was started since 1st June 2009. Gini lah ni if urg tiada krita.. Anyway, will see how was it and try it in next few days..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just for updating my blog..
Seems like I’ve no rest for my long weekend. Rushing here and there, still can feel the tiredness and all I need is MORE HOLIDAY PLEASE!!

My holiday only full with eating session. LOL

1st day, we bbq in the evening - some tapioca, dry cuttlefish while my bro tumbuk sotong kering, chicken wings and also fresh cuttlefish.

Other than bbq, we had steamboat for dinner - meat ball, fish, chicken and vegetables. After dinner, the kids singing birthday song, took photos, play some games, messy up the house, eating cake, cocktail and fruits. We bought two cakes (takut tidak cukup makan) from strawberry cake house, 1 is black and white chocolate cake and another 1 is pumpkin cake. The pumpkin cake is nice but I say not for the black and white chocolate cake.

2nd day, start up fire at 10am for bbq again. Cloudy weather and we bbq some sweet corns, fishes, dry cuttlefish and tapiocas. My mum cooked Sup Labi (hee.. no coment) while my sis cooked some vege. That’s our lunch. Dinner and the 3rd day’s food only very simple but my stomach never has time to get hungry at all. Luckily it’s only 3 days not 3 weeks, otherwise I’ll get fat. Anyway, thank god for the food, I’m happy & enjoy my weekend. I will miss the moment but I just need more.. more holiday..

We’d taken photos, but my small niece disturbed the camera and had deleted most of the memorable photos from the camera. I don’t know what else left and I don’t think I will have some more photos to upload here. If there is any, will upload it here in a sooner time. Cheers.. ;)