Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Mood

I suppose to upload my cousin's wedding photos as I'd promised before, it's fun unfortunately I'm busy this few days. Sorry about that and here I just make a quick update.

Christmas song and decoration started everyway. ^_^ I love it and wish to have my own christmas tree somehow, I don't celebrate Christmas and I have no house to put my christmas tree.

A friend asked me, what will I buy if I receive my bonus by end of this year. I answer him quickly, "Nothing." hmm? I also don't know how correct is my answer. Of course I'm thinking to buy a lot of things but sad to say that, even my monthly salary is not enough for covering my stomach. I'm not as lucky as other people and I have to save my bonus just to cover up my monthly usage. Sigh.. Now I know how's my boss always feel angry, I'm quite unhappy with my business's slow progress at the moment.

I'm going to join 'The Poor' group.

Read this funny and 'quite true' arguement:
"Dogs have no money. Isn't that amazing? They've broke their entire life but they get trough it. You know why dogs have no money? Because no pocket."

LOL.. Kangaroo got pocket but also have no money ler.. IMAO.

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