Sunday, November 1, 2009


Watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball on last Saturday, it’s a great animation movie. Funny, cute, creative and there is moral in the movie too. I’m not going to talk about the movie, but I’ll comment the people who were in the same cinema with me. The story is like this..

There is this one family sat at the back of my sit in the cinema. 2 little boy, 1 little girl and a mom. OK this is animation movie and I know it will be a lot of small kids watching it and I know it will be noisy by kids in the cinema, and I’m ready for that. But what had happened on me last Saturday was (the family sat at my back I mean), the 3 kids were not making noise. I only can hear they were asking some question to their mom softly but the mom, OH MY GOD!! Kids were quite but mom making noise!?

“Look at that… Waaaah…. Waaaaaah… So many burger.. Waaaaaaah..”

And then

“Ahahaha.. So funny…”

“Waaaahh… Sooo Big.. You seeeee… Meatball ooooh… Biiiiigg Meatbaaaalll..”


Those were the dialog by the mom not kids. I know the mom just want to make her kids feel the movie and we should explain the movie to the kids but hey! It is public place and it is cinema. I can accept if a kids making noise in it coz I know it’s not easy for us to control kids and kids don't really understand but this is adult. Please don’t only think for yourself and your kids, do think other people around too. Explanation can be done after the end of the movie or outside the cinema. Be in mind that most of people don’t like to be irritated when watching movie in the cinema especially making noise, keep on passing by in front and blocking the view. Everyone paid for the ticket okey, it’s not your house.

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