Thursday, November 12, 2009


Good day..

Just wanna told you something, I came to office by bus this morning. When I go into the public van, I tough that the window on the van can’t be open. When the van was moving, I could feel that the wind was so strong and what’s so funny here is I’d found out that the window actually have no glass. LOL.. Can't believe this kind of car is still able to run in the city and it’s so dangerous if there are kids inside the van.

The following photos has been taken in my hometown last saturday, just enjoy the photos..

Cute mashroom. This kind of things will grow everywhere by itself when there is cold season but of course, don't simply take it to cook and eat. Most of it are poisonous.

Don't play play oh.. My mom good at it.. LOL

The cat grew up a lot.

xoxo.. I love this cat. Big, fat and manja..

And, I just wanna introduce you to my friend's blog, someone who I didn't meet for almost.. 16 years? i think more than that, and found him in facebook.
Check it out --> In-De-Pen-Dent
and another friend, we are same home town--> Gunsirit Guntaih Bolog
LOL.. if you could understand 'gunsirit guntaih' means, it is so funny.. Yeah.. Keep writing while we still alive my friend..

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