Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year.. This is the 1st post for 2011. Just share this two photos with u.

This is me when I was 1 year old.

My baby. Photo taken last month before Christmas.

Doesn't she look like me in my old days? xoxo..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Counting down to new year? Just same like I said end of last year, I’m not excited for the New Year. Overall I love year 2010 eventhough this entire year really stress me up and down but New Year still doesn’t really mean a new beginning. It’s just a number changing and all outstanding will be bring forward to another year.

2010, quite a big life changes and life challenges to me but I still loving it. It will be really memorable. I know I didn’t achieve much, but it was great to refresh back what had happened on me for the entire 2010.



I get a good job with a great salary but at the end I’d resigned from it.


I’d moved out from a place that I felt like hell. Sorry I know I’m so cruel and not worth to say this way at all but that was what I really felt for more than 4 years.


I’d moved to a better place than previous one but… should I tell more? Sigh.


Get married in a simple way yet a lot of gossips. LOL. Oh I love those people.

5. Business has been handed over to other people and now I’m wonder and still waiting when can I get back my capital. Eheem..


Wardrobe for this year are more to pregnant mummy outfit.


Staying in my hometown for a long time and spend lot of wonderful times with my lovely family. ^_^ I like!


Experienced having a cute little baby, my greatest therapy. ^_^


From a career women change to a full time modern mummy. Modern? Blueeekk.. LOL. My baby is my boss now, I’d tried to change myself and I’d learn a lot from it.

10. I'd gain back my original weight same as before I get pregnant. ;)

11. I’ve a new boring hobby - reading. Yes I’d read more books than previous year. Yaaayyy…

What I’d planned but not achieve:

1. Renew passport – no vacation so no renew.

2. Vacation - due to having little one but it’s ok. ^_^

3. Own a laptop or desktop computer with internet connection – no fixed stay place and I have internet to use for the whole day in office before.

4. Expand business - due to business had been hand over to others in the middle road.

5. Change my old and outdated handphone. Poor me I’m still using the same handphone as 3 years ago – I’m aiming a good quality but expensive phone. No enough money and I don’t like to get ccm just for a handphone. My phone is really outdated yet still very good condition and still can be use.

6. Buy a new TV for my parents - today’s plasma TV selling in the market are really in a big screen size and doesn’t fit our old fashion TV cabinet at all.

7. Having my own house – when my salary is increase, property’s price is increase too. Shit.

Bohoohooo to me.. I'm totally not a good example.

Writing or talk about resolution or plan is so simple but actually its need time to achieve. Yes for me really need a long time to achieve coz I have to work hard myself for everything I want. I'm not rich. I accepted that I’m going through my mid life crisis stage at the moment but I’m still very happy and feel thankful for everything. I enjoy the whole process.


I was studied in peninsular before, transfer back to Sabah 5 years ago. I thought that my transfer will end my life in Sabah but no. I’m going out Sabah again very soon in next year and that will change my current life again. Will it be better? Nobody knows. My goal is still the same no matter where am I somehow I’m still thinking on how my plan is going to be for next year, coz I will be in different place and environment. So for 2011, I’m still doing my listing but I didn’t say that I will publish it here. Hah.. There is one thing for sure I will really sad about, I’m going to be far away from my family (my parents, siblings and niece) again. Sob sob..

No matter what, I’m always happy with my life. I'm glad and believe that my life is far more better than most of people out there. Just take the opportunity here to appologize for those I've ever hurt, given trouble and offended. I know they are some. Really sorry and not forgetting to THANKS to those who have ever came or walk through together with me in my life. I love you all. So here,

Wishing everyone Happy New Year and God Bless Everyone always.. Cheers ~

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi everyone, how was your Christmas holiday this year?

For me it was fun and all my sis and their family has took their opportunity to come back hometown. Oh yes it means my mom's house was full.

Actually we don't really celebrate Christmas but since I'm here this year, so me and my nieces organized exchange gift. Everyone planned to come back, my niece organized bbq. Oh well it's always a good news for adult coz it means let the kids cook, we adult don't need to cook. LOL. But who knows it's wrong. Letting them to cook actually letting us more busier coz everywhere is more messy.

Yellow watermelon for juice.

BBQ under the durian tree.

Chicken wing, popato, sweet corn, egg plant, sausagge, prawn ball, sweet potato, big onion ect..

Good, everyone doing their task by blended watermelon juice and preparing salad. We adult just waiting to be serve. =)

It's normal to eat before their works done, while we adult is hungry and still waiting to be serve. At the end we still have to cook to ourself. -_-

This is what the kids excited for. We had showed the present for few days and everyone can't wait for it. LOL. Somehow I didn't manage to capture the moment when everyone get and opened their present. It's really crowded and noisy I tell ya.

This is what we get after I opened it. The snowman still in the plastic is mine. Thanks sis.. I'd ever said that I love decoration thingy and I really get one. ^_^ Me loike! And the other 3 things are belong to my baby's. xoxo.. Yeah my baby doesn't understand anything but I'm happy for her and will let her know when she grown up.

Yay it's a fun day somehow, because of the house is too full, too many people, too many kids and everyone was busy,

This is good.. We only realize this after everyone went back home and we totally have no idea which elephant has actually done this. Hmm.. So where should I sleep tonight?

On the floor.