Monday, October 18, 2010


Been quiet for quite sometimes but still wanna say thanks to my loyal readers & friends who always follow and waiting for my updates.

As requested by some friends, here are some photos of my little 1. Thanks for your wishes which made up my day. Sorry for blur photos, will update you more later. Just have a look.

A baby girl, 2.95kg, 52cm length, normal birth. This photo taken not even 24 hours after she was born, when we just arrived home from hospital. She's still very skinny but she has a very chubby cheek.

5 days after born.

We named her Xiomira. Don't ask me what name is that, I don't even know what name is that. I'd listed few names but that's the name been chosen by her dad.

Her favorite sleeping style.

Photo captured when she was 3 weeks old. A very active baby & she is very good girl.

She's growing up fast, glad that I'd gone through those up and down, look forward for more up and down, proud of this little 1 & my family, & thank god I'm happy with my life.