Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just showing some photos of our company lunch last Saturday. It’s celebrating 20th Anniversary for MKiandee Architect, Congrats and well done boss.. If I’m getting rich next year and there is celebration for anniversary again, then I’m going to send bunch of flower ok boss.. hehe.. (coz I saw boss bought flower for himself this year)

Nagisa Japanese Restaurant, Hyatt Kota Kinabalu

Tepanyaki Kitchen

western food..

cakes & pudding. yummy yummy..

The kettle is hanging from the ceiling. There is hot charcoal on the middle of the desk and actually can burn up fire to boil the water in the kettle.

Tinguk urg mandi.. ekekekek.. it's swimming pool outside.

Our big boss Mr. Melvin Kiandee, a well known architect in Malaysia.

Ehem ehem..
The swimming pool outside..

Every Saturday makan-makan.. I have a wedding lunch to attend this coming Saturday, thinking to direct go there from my office. Unfortunately, we received an instruction from office saying that we will have Gotong-Royong at site this Saturday morning!? Gosh.. So I’m going to wear pink dress and heels with yellow construction hat like Puah Chu Kang’s wife. Hurmm.. I can imagine how funny is that.

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