Friday, November 13, 2009


I was tagged a photo in facebook. It’s a boy’s Malay composition. I think most Sabahan who have facebook might know that composition, which had been scanned and tagged to everyone. That composition is totally written in sabahan malay language (Bahasa Baku), its story is creative and the sentences is terrible. Only pure Sabahan will understand those sentences however, I’m not going to post that photo here coz for me it is pity rather than funny.

I’d comment the photo in my facebook that we should not laugh at it, it is pity and just imagine if it’s our child’s composition been forwarded to everyone on the net for people to laugh? Would you be happy, laugh together with other people, disgraceful or mad? That kid wrote the composition is not for people’s fun purposes. He is learning but unfortunately his grammar and Malay is terrible and people make fun with it by forwarded it. I’m sorry to that close friend of mine who tagged the photo to me, I’d comment there directly and that might be hurt her I think but what I’d commented there is really what I feel in my heart. I’m pity to that boy. People from city will never understand how’s a kampung kid’s life. Those kinds of sentences and compositions are really exist in rural area. So do in my school last time. What should we do is teach them not laughing at them (my mom always tell me this).

Some people said that it might be the teacher’s fault who scanned that composition coz only teacher who excess student’s exercise book. Well, sorry to say again. Yes the person (teacher or may be not the teacher) who scanned the composition is really suck and then the others? Should stop forwarded it lah.. Is forwarded it has no fault? You want every laugh on that? I always say that I believe in ‘ketulahan’. Do think that, are you sure that your child will really clever in the future? Do you want to forward your kid’s exam paper to others on the net if your kids fail on it? No right?!

And I did say that this gave me an idea to do a volunteer job to teach kampung kids in the rural area for free. I mean it. Some people comment back that I’ve a good heart, well I’m not. People might don’t know me well, I’ve done a lot of bad things which I can’t mentioned here at all. Anyone who knew it sure will call me an animal. Somehow I’m not acting good in that comment and maybe I had repentance on what have I done. I’m just planning what should I do after I resigned. My business might need me but not everyday (hmm.. is it?) and I have to look for something else to do such as a part time job but I’m not sure is there any? Become a volunteer is a good idea I think coz I might be stay in kampung area after all. Well, that will not be in this soonest time. May be next year or next few years depends on the situation. I just mean it. Somehow, doing charity doesn’t need an announcement anyway. I’m just planning and I begging to everyone, please stop making fun on that kid’s composition.

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