Saturday, November 28, 2009


Read in a magazine today, a topic titled 'Your Last RM50'. The question is:

The ATM says your account has RM50 left and for imagination's sake, you don't know when your next pay cheque will come in. What will you do?

The magazine had interviewed 33 people and I was surprise to know those people's answer. Only 4 people has the satisfied answer for me, 1 can be consider okey and the other 29 people, I can say as s****d. Why I'm saying that way, do read carefully again the question and I'll explain to you here.

The survey was:
8 people would spend on PAMPERING & ENTERTAINING.
(such as foot massage, margaritas, heels, dance the night with friend ect)

3 people would spend on totally RANDOM STUFF.
(such as donation, top up credit card and book a cheap airasia ticket to anywhere and buy magazine & enjoy it in a cafe)

2 people would spend on FASHION. (such as 2nd hand baazar)
1 people would spend on phone call to ask for financial help. (for me this can be accept)
1 people would spend on CAR PETROL.
1 people would spend on INVESTMENT. (ASB)
16 people would spend on FOOD.

I repeat the statement before the question,
"The ATM says your account has RM50 left and for your imagination's sake, you don't know when is your next pay cheque will come in."

Entertaining? Air Asia ticket? Fashion? LOL..
For you guy's acknowledge, the 'FOOD' they mean there are pizza, cup cakes, japanese food, western food, doughnuts, Italian food, buffet meal in hotel, long island iced, romantic dinner with gf ect. Well, the 4 smart person I mean up there is the one who say to buy some food to stock in their fridge and kitchen such as bread, fruits, milk, eggs ect and another 1 is budgeting RM10 per day. The others, are the person who never experience living hard and always been feed by lots of monies. xoxo..

Why I agree with that four person, honestly tell you that I've ever experienced it and that is the most we should do. Just imagine if we only have RM50 and let say the next cheque come in on next week so today, we go have a buffet meal in hotel, or japanese food, or Italian food which cost around RM30++. Then we check our account tomorrow and found out cheque haven't come in, we have RM10++ but just imagine, there 6 more days to go! LOL stupido.. And the other's idea is worse.

The magazine said the one who would spend on investment is the best way (invest into ASB). LOL.. When you put your RM50 into ASB, do you think that you can get the interest within one day? NO! ASB only update the account interest once a year man! So what should you eat for tomorrow? LOL Another stupido.

Well, this is only a poor me's opinion and this kind of situation always happened on me, not just and imagination.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Mood

I suppose to upload my cousin's wedding photos as I'd promised before, it's fun unfortunately I'm busy this few days. Sorry about that and here I just make a quick update.

Christmas song and decoration started everyway. ^_^ I love it and wish to have my own christmas tree somehow, I don't celebrate Christmas and I have no house to put my christmas tree.

A friend asked me, what will I buy if I receive my bonus by end of this year. I answer him quickly, "Nothing." hmm? I also don't know how correct is my answer. Of course I'm thinking to buy a lot of things but sad to say that, even my monthly salary is not enough for covering my stomach. I'm not as lucky as other people and I have to save my bonus just to cover up my monthly usage. Sigh.. Now I know how's my boss always feel angry, I'm quite unhappy with my business's slow progress at the moment.

I'm going to join 'The Poor' group.

Read this funny and 'quite true' arguement:
"Dogs have no money. Isn't that amazing? They've broke their entire life but they get trough it. You know why dogs have no money? Because no pocket."

LOL.. Kangaroo got pocket but also have no money ler.. IMAO.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Received a mail from an old friend today, he is my secondary classmate. He told me that “Long time didn’t hear from you. The cactus that you gave me last time still in my house, my mom look after for it and it is very big now.”

Wow.. Cactus? This ex-classmate, the last I met him is last 10 years, just reach him from facebook this recently and now he told me that the cactus that I’ve ever gave him is still alive. I was surprised to hear that and I’ve almost forgotten about that which, I was a cactus seller and distributor before!

When I was in form two, that was the first time my parents brought me for vacation in Peninsular. My brother who works in Peninsular was the one who drove us to everywhere. Visited few places there and I was impressed when I saw the big and beautiful cactus in Cameron Highland. Bought lots of cactus back here and since then, I became a cactus lover.

I looked after the cactuses very well until I get its young cactus. There is only two, either forcing the cactus to produce a young cactus or forcing the cactus to produce flower. Xoxo.. I know how to do that. Once I’ve got the young cactus, I moved and planted it into other pot and my cactus became more and more till I able sold it. Yes I was a cactus seller and I used to sell cactus in my school. I’d promoted and sold it in school exhibition, sold to my classmates, teachers, schoolmates and even headmaster. I sold around RM3 to RM6 per pot depends on the size and I got minimum RM30 per month just by selling cactus.

My cactus species became more and more by exchanging with friends and also buying from outside until I reached more than 50 different types of cactus species. When we nearly graduated from form 5, I gave over some cactus for my favorite teachers and classmates too as souvenir. I furthered study in KL after getting my SPM result and no one look after the cactus for me, all my cactus became unhealthy once I came back. :( No more mood to look after for it and still in the unhealthy condition until today and even some of it was dead.

Today, one of my ex-classmate told me that the cactus that I gave him is still alive. I’m happy to hear that and I just wish that I have my cactus too. Maybe I can start for it again once I have my own house and probably re-starting to sell cactus. Cheers ~ ~ ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Someone went to Rome. Wow.. and I get this souvenir. Wanna be there one day too.

Rome? Remind me this photo..

Haha.. This place is in Cibubur, Indonesia. Duplicate of Rome and it is beautiful. Went there last year and will share some more photos in Indon in coming posting. xoxo

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm out of updated things. Today just saw this lorry bringing satellite on its top walking around and it parked here somewhere near my office.

What's is inside, actually is a customer service movable counter.

We can ask and register anything regarding streamyx or telephone line, promotion and we can pay our bill in this cute lorry. xoxo

Monday, November 16, 2009


Attended my cousin’s wedding last Saturday. It’s a mix marriage and it’s complicated. Well it is actually can be simple, it just that both side don’t really know each other’s culture I think. I myself was shocked in a lot of things but just be open, and here I share with you part of it.

The bridegroom is my cousin (we are sino, Dusun mix with Chinese) while the bride is a beautiful lady from Penampang, Sabah which is a pure Kadazan. I’d attended their engagement last year and what was interesting there, when they discussing about the dowry. Most of Sabahan might know that, to marry a Penampang lady is the most expensive than marry with any Sabahan lady in other district. What is the logic and history there, I don’t know but that was happening since long time ago until today. The moral here is, if you are a guy who has the intention to marry a Kadazan Penampang lady, do filled up and ready a full pocket. But honestly my opinion, to get marry is not selling daughter anyway and the most important is the couple’s life after the wedding ceremony.

My cousin and his beloved wife registered their marriage on 09.09.2009, a beautiful date and congrats to them. Last Saturday morning, they went to church but I was not attended. For your info, we and my aunt’s family are Buddha. May be my cousin converted? I’m not sure on that coz nobody informed me. Then there was their wedding lunch in Dewan Kebudayaan Penampang on last Saturday afternoon.

Bride and bridegroom wearing traditional Kadazan costume. There were flower girls, food (self service), drinks, invited band singer, dancer, local alcohol (montoku), beer, wine, decoration, bride’s guest, bridegroom’s guest and so on.

It was quite different from our culture and honestly, this is the first time I’d attended a kadazan wedding style. What’s the different from us here was, we normally invited and only rent speaker, band or may be karaoke. The band or karaoke is for guest to sing, to perform and dance, we were not invited any singer and dancer. And yes all my aunts and uncles are sporting and actually they love to dance. It was fun.

And there was one more session, where the guest (might be bride’s relatives) stand in two rows and ready to dance Sumazau.

While everyone dancing, someone will pull both bride and bridegroom into the middle, both of them dance in the middle and they’ve been serve a jug (and maybe more) of drink. It might be beer or montoku. That is actually a tradition for a new couple and there is the rules which anyone who been serve the drink, must respect and drink it.

Pity my cousin, he doesn’t know dancing and he normally doesn’t drink. He could drink little bit unfortunately he has heart problem at the moment and not fit enough to drink more alcohol. We as the guest just sat in a group and look at him coz we didn’t know that we actually can represent and drink for him. Gosh.. I just knew it today when I asked a kadazan friend of mine. So the moral here is, learn other people’s culture and be ready before attending any event. If your spouse is not same culture with you, inform and remind him/her everything so that he/she is ready. Be open minded and not complaining / blaming on any mistake.

Hopefully my cousin is OK, didn’t saw him when we took our step to go home. And he will hold another wedding ceremony this coming Saturday in Kota Belud follow the Chinese + kampung tradition. Why so many times? Already went to church then in Dewan then in Kota Belud again? Don’t ask me, I don’t know about that, I’m just attending and go celebrate the happiness with them. Wedding ceremony in Kota Belud has its unique style again and it must be fun, I promise will take more photos and I’ll share more story with you guys about it in the following week. Stay tune.