Friday, November 20, 2009


Received a mail from an old friend today, he is my secondary classmate. He told me that “Long time didn’t hear from you. The cactus that you gave me last time still in my house, my mom look after for it and it is very big now.”

Wow.. Cactus? This ex-classmate, the last I met him is last 10 years, just reach him from facebook this recently and now he told me that the cactus that I’ve ever gave him is still alive. I was surprised to hear that and I’ve almost forgotten about that which, I was a cactus seller and distributor before!

When I was in form two, that was the first time my parents brought me for vacation in Peninsular. My brother who works in Peninsular was the one who drove us to everywhere. Visited few places there and I was impressed when I saw the big and beautiful cactus in Cameron Highland. Bought lots of cactus back here and since then, I became a cactus lover.

I looked after the cactuses very well until I get its young cactus. There is only two, either forcing the cactus to produce a young cactus or forcing the cactus to produce flower. Xoxo.. I know how to do that. Once I’ve got the young cactus, I moved and planted it into other pot and my cactus became more and more till I able sold it. Yes I was a cactus seller and I used to sell cactus in my school. I’d promoted and sold it in school exhibition, sold to my classmates, teachers, schoolmates and even headmaster. I sold around RM3 to RM6 per pot depends on the size and I got minimum RM30 per month just by selling cactus.

My cactus species became more and more by exchanging with friends and also buying from outside until I reached more than 50 different types of cactus species. When we nearly graduated from form 5, I gave over some cactus for my favorite teachers and classmates too as souvenir. I furthered study in KL after getting my SPM result and no one look after the cactus for me, all my cactus became unhealthy once I came back. :( No more mood to look after for it and still in the unhealthy condition until today and even some of it was dead.

Today, one of my ex-classmate told me that the cactus that I gave him is still alive. I’m happy to hear that and I just wish that I have my cactus too. Maybe I can start for it again once I have my own house and probably re-starting to sell cactus. Cheers ~ ~ ;)

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