Monday, November 2, 2009


Watched this in the cinema and my comment is: AMAZING.

It is the show that MJ doing his rehearsal and the back curtain for his ‘suppose coming concert’ in London. It is really great and amazing. I’m a fan of MJ, not really hardcore fan but I salute him on what he did on stages. I just love his dance but in this rehearsal, he didn’t move a lot, didn’t dance a lot but there were a lot of other things that made the concert so great. Well, I never went to his real concert before so I’m not sure how was his performance before but 'This Is It' was amazing.

There was audition and selection on his dancer, his backup singer and his musician. From thousand and maybe million of people, only few people were selected and signed the contract. All are great, I love to see his dancer and the musician for the electric guitar is a beautiful ladies and she is really great in playing that guitar. Really great preparation for his concert, everything is great, his dancer, backup singer, musician, lighting, 3D video clip, fireworks, director, costume, MJ’s voice and MJ is so serious with the rehearsal/training. Honestly RM3000 for a ticket of his concert is worth. But can you imagine, they’d prepared everything but at the end there is no concert. It is really a memorable experience for those who still alive.

When I was watching This Is It where a rehearsal of his concert, now then I know why his fan always cried like crazy in his concert. Most of people in the cinema even the boy (around 8 years old) who sat next to me was crying especially when MJ singing the song like ‘you are not alone’, ‘Earth Song’, ‘I’ll be there’ ect. It was really touching and un-explain feeling. If you are a fan of MJ, you should watch it and for those have a soft heart, do bring some tissue for your tears. Of course there was some parts are funny and creative. Just thumps up for the group.

Some said, there is some party who taking advantage on MJ’s dead by selling ticket showing his rehearsal of This Is It and it is a movie where only showing the thoucing moment. I have no comment on that, I only know that I had watched it with RM7 ticket, it is amazing and it’s lucky that didn’t come out and walk with only my toe like MJ’s dance.

Anyway, this is only my own opinion and my own view. It’s only a two weeks show, watch it out guys so that u feel and know it yourself. ;)

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