Friday, October 30, 2009


If people ask me to make a wish today, I would wish that everyone around me including my family, my love one, my relatives, my beloved friends and anyone I know, been protected by HIM all the time. This is because I can’t afford to hear news saying that I’d lost someone. Without all those people, I’m nothing.

That’s today’s wish and New Year will be another wish lists. LOL

One thing that I’d realized, people now days communicating especially wishes more on writing in facebook instead of SMS. It means me and my group of friends are so active with facebook. Xoxo.. Anyway, yeah thanks for all the birthday wishes people, I just feel like I’m popular for one day and all your wishes make me smile and it makes my day wonderful.


Just tell you my readers (if any) generally about me and my background.

My parents are citizen of Kota Belud, my 1st, 2nd and 3rd older sister and 1 of my older brother also citizens of Kota Belud while my 4th older sister and I are citizen of Ranau. Yes we are 6 of us, 5 strawberries, only 1 banana and I’m the youngest. LOL what am I saying this.. Just kidding and back to the story. All my relatives are staying in Kota Belud and some in KK until today and we have no relative in Ranau. Why is this happen? My dad was a government servant before and he had been transfer to a small town named Ranau 35 years ago.

This is me when I was 1 years old. Chubby & dirty but owh.. Was half naked. :p

I’d grow up in Ranau, primary school in SRJK(c) Pai Wen Ranau, secondary school in SMK Mat Salleh Ranau and then I’d left Ranau once I completed my SPM. Had taken a short course in Stamford College Sabah while waiting for my SPM result and entered Noble College of Technology in Taiping after getting my ‘not so good’ SPM result. I was enjoyed in Stamford College, lecturer is so sporting but I feel sad that I’d lost contact with all my friends and lecturers there. Same to the college in Taiping that I entered, enjoyed and learned a lot of things there but had lost contact with all my friends there too. This was the place and time that I’d home sick a lot, far away from my family for the 1st time, leaving in a totally different environment than before, different races, different dialects, different life style but I still remember that my best friend is a Sarawakian from Seratok named Serina Pakun. See I still remember her. If you want to know, I’d avoided talking to anyone for almost two weeks there when I’d just arrived. It’s because I didn’t understand peninsular dialect and people in peninsular don’t understand my Sabahan dialect. Until I’d met Serina, she could understand sabahan’s dialect at the same time she also can speak peninsular dialect so I’d learned from her. But honestly she had home sick and cried more than me. Xoxo

Thumps up to the food in Taiping, cheap and tasty but when I was in the 2nd month in Taiping, I’d received another offer letter from Unitar which offered me Degree. Instead of Diploma in Taiping, I quitted from Noble College and I’d entered Unitar in Kelana Jaya. My first best friend that I’d met there is a Hindustan named Umme Aiman, also my classmate and roommate in our hostel. 8 of us in 1 hostel, 1 Hindustan, 1 Indian, 1 Sabahan Chinese, 4 Malays and me. Feel sorry that I can’t remember all my housemate’s name, we only stay for 1 semester and separated after that. At the end, I heard that all the Malays and Indian ex-housemate quitted from Unitar. Some were getting other offer in other institute and some were totally stop study and get married. The Chinese named Yen, quitted from Unitar, saying that she get the nurse course in Sabah, came back to Sabah but met her again when she entered back Unitar after few months. She completed her degree in Unitar, worked in KL for few years and now she is in KK, attended her wedding dinner last year and the latest news that I heard from her last few months is she was having a baby. How sweet..

Umme stayed with her brother’s family in Puchong after we separated till completed study and I stayed in Kelana Putri Condo, just near by the campus. 6 of us Stayed in the apartment, 1 Indian, 1 Ipoh Chinese and the others were Sabahans Bumiputra til I tranfered to Unitar Sabah. I stayed there for a quite long time, so I’d learned and explored KL, Selangor & N9 (my brother staying in N9 and I always go there) a lot. Maximum happiness with my life there but at the end, I’d left everything there including my bf (which is my ex-bf now) in KL and transferred here.

Difficult for me to practice another different life in KK again. Yeah it took 1 year for me to absorb and use to the life here. It’s really really difficult and again, I’d learned a lot of different unexplainable things. I’d completed my final project paper and my practical training in KK and finally I get my Degree Cert. I’d started to work under a construction firm, no related at all with my degree field until today. But as I said many times, I’m not regret with anything I’ve ever done. My degree is only theory for that certain field but at the same time it develops the way of thinking and a good quality of my minded (I think so).

Working environment let me learned a lot of things again, which never been written in any book in any school. Meeting many types of people, good bad smart nerd annoy shellfish stupid busy body gossiping lazy crazy open minded black heart understanding stubborn immature stabbing pretending ect and all these people will always be related to me no matter as a colleague or as a friend. This happened in any working environment and in any office. What should we do is just be smart, also act stupid sometimes and learn ‘tai chi’ to protect ourselves. Never attack people back in an office coz things will getting worst, be good with everyone and just believed in ‘ketulahan’.

Who doesn’t want to improve life? Of course every1 want it so do I. I’d just started a small business / investment last few months and I think this will be my biggest achievement within this year even though no official profit yet and yes I’ll expand it again from time to time when’s there’s profit. And more coming event, still don’t know what’s gonna happen. I can just plan, work on it and pray for the outcome.

Not forgetting to thanks for my bf here, we have been together for almost 4 and half years. I’d being mature and learned a lot from him, he is far more mature than me so he guided me in a lot of things no matter good or bad within this 4 years. (Yeah bad things pun he teach me.) I appreciate everything and really thanks for his unpayable support all this while in anything I’ve done. And he is the one who introduce the above business to me. Anyway, this is me today.. still someone who are nobody that written humble little idea in this blog.

Life is a learning process and full of ‘life and learning chapter’. I know what I want for my life and work on it. Learn from the mistake and observe things more, deep thinker and wise decision. Read more and think the facts more. I believe I’m still young somehow I need a timeframe in anything I target. Yes! Cha you! Cha you!

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