Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Merry Christmas people.. It's Christmas feel. I don't celebrate Christmas but I love and happy with it.

What is free gift? Doesn't every gift is free?

Other than birthday, gift related to Christmas. I don't celebrate Christmas but our office did organize Christmas exchange gift every year. Oh yeah for sure I'm joining. I love to see people happy to receive a gift, I will even more happier if I found that he/she happy with the present that I gave once they opened it.

So, I've ready my present for someone else..

Don't you feel happy if you receive this? ^_^

And in return I get this..
Cute right?? ^_^ I love it and hope that I have my own house to decorate with this.

And I'd receive another gift in office. Thanks.. ^_^

kkruak kkruak..

Somehow, I feel sad with the organizer. Sorry to say this but it's true the program has not been organized well. I know there are few more people wanted to join but the organizer didn't ask and didn't wait for them at all. Even they'd changed the program's date, they didn't inform everyone including me. As the result some people didn't bring their gift and some people had their lunch outside rather than having the 'PAID' Christmas Lunch.

I was the one who organized for last year Christmas however I'd been quite for this year.

Btw: I don't know what to buy for him as a Christmas present.

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