Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Been posted 99th non sense entry before and this is my 100th post. Well, I encourage people set up own blog and do writing. When I started my blog, I’d told a friend that I feel shy and ashamed people read my silly idea and bad writing then he told me, “Internet is worldwide and yeah we can’t stop people to read. Why setting up a blog if it just only for u alone to read? Better just wrote in a personal diary.” Well I saw lots of people writing blog is just like writing a diary but I am, trying hard to search for a good and interesting idea to share here. Hope that there is useful knowledge and info to share with my readers. Anyway, still improving my blog and thanks to few of my loyal readers.

Till today, this is what I get since I started blogging:

Get lots of info after read people’s blog without experience it.

Shared info / experience to other people.


Choose 1 language for a blog and writing improved.

Best friend to a Dictionary.

Ever heard that people said read more books than you will get you longevity? Actually it means, a writer gone through his/her life to write it in a book based on experience in his/her ENTIRE LIFE. When we as reader read his/her book, we are ready and know how to face our life before we go through it. We gain A LIFE before we ended our life. When we read two books, we get 2 more life. When we read more books, we’ll get more life. That is the basic meaning but to be frank I seldom read book, I read online. xoxo.. Yeah will start a habit of reading book soon.

And below are the photos taken during last weekend in 1Borneo shopping mall.This is the first time in my life I'd went to a shopping mall for the whole day but TOTALLY BUY NOTHING. Enjoy the photos..

I just feel like want to move the reindeer to the front of my house. xoxo

Entrance of 1Borneo, been blessed by the angel before walk in for shopping. xoxo

Don't u feel like want to sit on this cute & relaxing garden chair?

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells..
Hohoho.. Santa Clause is coming to 1B town..
I'm snapping the christmas tree, not the group of people there.

Merry Christmas or Happy Chinese New Year?


I love Christmas decoration somehow, still a little bit disappointed me coz the décor in Sabah, none of it as surprising as I expected like the one always happening in KL every year. I miss KL for that especially this time around which is near the Christmas season. Only one place satisfied me now, the Christmas décor in Metrojaya at Suria Sabah but that will be posted in my next blog.


Gallivanter said...

Don't you just love blogging? My 100th post was ages ago! I'll be retiring soon! :-P

Wiskies said...

:) yes i love blogging and just started and yeah we will retire in doing any work. this is only a silly blog, still long way to be like your blog. anyway thanks for dropping by.