Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hi everyone, it's Christmas mode.
23 December 2009 3.50pm,
I'm alone in the office.
Others are taking leave for Christmas,
accept me. Early huh?
And those who are not taking leave,
might be same feeling Christmas mode.
Christmas is only one day.
People busy preparing for Christmas,
it's only for one day.
After Christmas then it's the day which is more scarier.
It will be New Year.
People start another year.
Student ready to back to school.
Adult ready to start to work.
People getting older.
Year getting older.
I'm getting older.
Everyone getting older.
Start another January,
another February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November back to another December.
Time pass fast.
It's scary.
Anyway, I'm just would like to wishing u here my readers,

Have a Joyous Christmas..

New Year will wish you in my next posting.

As I always said,
I don't celebrate Christmas.
But no matter how,
I love Christmas.
I don't really know the true meaning of Christmas,
but I just love it.

I love Christmas Decor.
I wish to have my own Christmas tree.
But before I get my own tree,
of course I have to have a house.
Yes having a house is one of my dream.
I want my own house.
I'd ever tried to buy a house,
but it's not my luck,
I'm not qualified to have it yet.
Today, I still not qualified to buy one,
coz when I have higher salary than before,
the price for a house is higher than before too.
Good country.
It is fair
when Peninsular enjoy far more higher salary than Sabah
and everything in Sabah is far more expensive than Peninsular.

We have no snow,
we have no winter.
but we still able to celebrate Christmas with a snowman.
For me I feel that Christmas is warm and harmony.
It is full of peace and joyful.
Family gathering with happiness.
Even there's just listening to a Christmas song.

Some people happy when they received a gift.
Some people not satisfied and demanding.
Teach your child to be grateful please.
We should be thankful for a gift,
not demanding and 'request' what we want.
Glad that u have a gift.
We are lucky enough.
Some kids out there never receive a gift.

If there is Santa,
I do have wishes.
But today's Santa,
only distribute candy for kids.
So my wishes,
just keep it in my heart.
Lets work myself for it.

And again,
just wishing every of my lovely readers,

Merry Christmas, May The Joy And Happiness Always Be With You And Your Family.

I Love Christmas.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

isn't loving something is some sort of a celebration too? merry christmas! :D

Wiskies said...

yeah.. thanks for dropping by & merry christmas too.. :)