Monday, December 28, 2009


Celebrated my Christmas in a rural kampung in Kudat. I’m in touched with everything happened there and it opened my eyes. Actually this is not the first time I’d been there. Last three years, I’d followed a friend (yes now my bf) to this kampung named Kampung Narandang. At that time, there is no electricity, no fan, no tv, no sofa, no washing machine, no refrigerator, no computer, no proper toilet ect. Today is much more better even thought still not as complete as in the city, somehow most of it actually are only for our life style which is “not so compulsory”. Those people in Kampung, life is simple but they are never get hungry and they are always happy.

We are actually far more luckier than a lot of people out there and we should be grateful! I know my family will not that agree with what had I done which I’d spend and stay there for few days for celebrating Christmas but I’m happy with what had I done.

This electricity cable had just been installed early of this year.

It would be Christmas Eve. Yeah I never celebrate Christmas before and I was excited for it. I bought a cake which was full with cute Christmas decoration on the top of the cake.

In the evening, more and more family members came and dinner started around 7.30pm. They serve anything they have. They have nothing much in their fridge but THEY SERVE ANYTHING THEY HAVE for everyone no matter whom.

slaughter a chicken. Kari.. Kari..

I just found out that the above thing is delicious. Jantung pisang.

Uh this is kingcrab (Belangkas)

After dinner for the Christmas Eve, took out the cake from the fridge and as I expected, the kids were so happy and excited for it! They kept on standing nearest to the cake and I knew they love the décor on the cake, after all every kids were like that.. xoxo..

Guess what, those kids sang Christmas song to me before cutting the cake! That was so sweet! And like I said in my previous entry, some kids never receive a Christmas gift. Yes the kids received no gift that night somehow I'd success to make them happy with just my silly cake.

On the Christmas day morning, some of them went to church and some of them didn’t. Those who didn’t, they did their work as usual. Slow and steady as long as a thing that they can make money.

Making traditional necklace and this need a very strong passionate

Me, just stay at home but it was black out for almost whole day and the TV only showing this.

15' TV. They only have TV1 and TV2.

This is one of their pet, a shy turtle.

knock knock.. Mr. turtle, where is your head? You look like a helmet this way..

still not showing its head.

A kid was having fun by plucking wild flower..

Went to football field nearby and there were some sport activities commemorated to Christmas. One of it was football and I was just an audience for it. There was football for ladies too but BIG NO for the participation. :p

The first price would be this..

An iguana! Creative huh?

Next, I'd attended a wedding there. Photos will be upload to my next entry and for the whole trip, I get my allergy.

I'm Touch..

Well, I never look down anyone there. Somehow, people there treated me too well and made me feel ashamed with myself. I'm not any VIP.

- They’d caught small fishes from the river and they fried it for their lunch. They take the biggest (just a little bit bigger than my finger), take out the fish bone and they reserved that for me.

- They take a clean clothe (sarong), lay it on the sofa before let me sit there.

- The kids been asked to sleep on the living room, and they let me sleep in the bedroom with new bed sheet and mosquito net.

- I get my allergy. They’d tried hard to get medicine for me.

- They served the food 5 times per day to me.

- When they served something, they’d asked me “do you ever try this? Is it ok? This will taste like bla bla blaa..” “Do you eat spicy?”

- Their toilet is outside their house and it is quite far. They’d asked the kids accompany me every time I went to toilet and the kids waiting for me outside the toilet.

- They boiled hot water for me to get warm water for bath.

- They receive anything without argue about satisfaction.

Their heart is pure. They do that to everyone who came to their house and I’m touched with it.

Now, will you do that?


Anonymous said...

great capture with beautiful memories wish...thanks for sharing

Wiskies said...

Yes a beautiful and memorable memory. thanks for dropping by..

JanGkiE said...

tu la sebab dia wisiah~ sia sentiasa pesan sama adik beradik sia... bersyukur sama apa yg kita ada~ thank for this share wisiah.. huhu~ i`m touched too..

Wiskies said...

budak skrng tdk paham ba jangkie.. kalau la boleh kan, mo juga saya bawa budak2 yg bernasib baik mcm anak2 buah saya tu masuk kampung o tinggal few days sana merasa. budak2 d kampung ni tdk pernah komplen kesusahan drng.

Raymond R. said...

Nice One Wis... You have a very good talent on blog writting... captured the memories (well most of it) i just wished you never put ur camera down... take the pictures of the kids playing without them realising it... such etc... etc... but then again its ur way of blogging and it is great as it is! A very very well written Experience indeed... Next time you go can join ka? Wahahahah mau juga rasa kampung life :P

Wiskies said...

Can Raymond.. will let u know for my next trip. another activity that i really interested to join them is tangkap katam traditionally when air surut in the ocean. but that one is seasonal. it will be somewhere in kudat too.