Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Everyone is still in holiday mood and everyone is counting for new year. Honestly I don't know why I'm nervous for this coming new year. May be there is something that I knew will change, but I don't know what condition it would change to. Hopefully everything running smoothly and getting better.

Just wanna share with u something. Now, what will you feel and do when you get this?

It is voucher. They called it free voucher. In today's real life, seems like nothing is free anymore. I was happy when I received this in the first place somehow my happiness was wasted. These "free voucher" things are tricky! Only one item can be buy with the RM750 voucher which is a LCD TV and it's original price is more than RM4,500. Genius huh.. They'd asked you to spend more money then only you can use the above vouchers.

Same to the RM50 voucher. You can buy anything with it but the condition is you must spend more than RM500 in one receipt then you can use it. At the end, these vouchers seems like no effect and it is nothing to me. :( Thanks anyway. I actually had forgotten to give it away to someone else who need it, the expiry date will be tomorrow.

Somehow, it is today's business strategy. It is smart and well done businessman.

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