Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Once upon a time, my boss called me into his office.

“Wisiah, are you busy?Can you come in for a while?”

“OK sit down.. I just want to ask you something and this is not related to office work.”


“Let say if you have lots of money and you want to start a new business, what business will you start?”

*Squeeze squeeze my brain..*

“Anything, any business for example, one of my nephew told me that open a baby hotel which is a good idea, and I’d ever asked my wife too. She answered me she will open a boutique. She loves fashion and beautiful dress but she didn’t think that there is so many boutique opened in kk. But it’s ok, just tell your opinion even though one that is a lot in kk.”

*hmm.. This boss is trying to steal my idea..*

So I answered: “if you said any business, I will choose to do something I interested. I love decoration and dreaming to become a party planner like David Tutera. Somehow, this kind of thing is doesn’t really have market in Malaysia. People do décor themselves here and doesn’t need a party planner at all.”

Yes that is what I love to do. In KL, I’d ever saw contractor who decorated a shopping mall but still, most of the shopping mall or hotel in Malaysia do the decoration themselves. David Tutera became party planner and rent party decor even for a small house party. Wow.. I just love his job and I have a dream to have my own Christmas tree such as the one in the photos below. It’s not that I have no budget at all for a Christmas tree now but I have no where to put the tree. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but I just love Christmas décor.

All these Christmas tree been captured inside the Metrojaya.

Can you tell me how much will this tree cost including the accessories? I guess it will more than RM1,000.

This is a creative Christmas Decor..

I love this, simple and creative too.. Doesn't mean we really need a tree to have Christmas feel.

Less 50% is the necklace there so go shop it.

Attended another Christmas Charity dinner last night but sad that I didn’t bring my camera. The choir is so good which I should record it. :( Somehow, one of my friend did it and will request a copy from him. ^_^

Btw: Another good news for myself, my account had been activated. Thank god.. I thought that I have to wait till next year. I’d found out that lots of people complaining that they have not enough budget for this and that while I was suffering for few days and just got my last month salary. My point is, these people should be grateful. Their salary is far more bigger than lots of people out there and never have to face the hardship of life. I’m be grateful now and I’m glad that I had such experience. I got my account now but automatically I still careful with my expenses like before and think twice to spend on something. And hey I said be grateful with what I have now doesn’t mean I satisfied easily, I just be thankful with everything I have coz I know more people is unlucky out there and I’m just improving my life at the same time.

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