Monday, December 14, 2009


I still remember when I was in school last time, a topic that always made girls and boys argued: who is important? A woman or a man?

Girl would answer: "woman", because women give birth (Kids idea). Boys would answer: "man", because man working hard and earn money for a family. Well, young and curios. Kids will simply say something that they've heard and they saw it themselves with their own eyes. When we growing up, then understand that both woman and man need each other.

And now, the more I think the more I’m wondering and feel like I don’t want to get marry. Why I’m saying that way is because I saw too much couple married without happy ending. Saying that both woman and man need each other but in the real life now days, most of people getting married (I mean the 1 who marry in right way, not the 1 accidentally pregnant) is just because of they want to have kids, not a partner. I feel sad and worry for that.

When we are old, our child might study oversea, working oversea, or marry and stay oversea, and may be migrate follow the trend and life style. At the end of the day, left two elderly at home and this two elderly will be taking care of each other and sit on the wooden chair on the balcony talking to each other. Child will never stick on their parents anymore coz busy with own things.

So, stop your ego and be balance. Do care of your partner and child as well please.

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