Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Uhm yeah.. Thanks for dropping by people. Just wanna share some story here. Continue from my previous post, I'm herewith attached more photos for the preparation for a Wedding in Kg. Narandang, a place which is quite rural in Kudat.

I'd make myself busybody to join and help those people to ready for cook. Although I don't understand their Rungus language but I believe that I'd made a very good and friendly communication with them, talked lots of rubbish things and pretending I knew every latest news of their kampong. LOL.. No lah actually I only answered their question and asked them a lot too. Seems like they were happy with me too and they're proud that an outsider joined them. I think so.. xoxo..

1 day before Wedding, I'd joined them to arrange tables and chairs, borrowed it from the only primary school they have in the kampung and moved it to Dewan. I saw a big water tank (normally people use it for housing) in the Dewan and wondering why should they put it there. In my mind, I thought that it was for people to wash hand or what but I was surprised when they told me it was either for drinking water or local alcohol. LOL. I didn't manage to take photo but it was really something like this..

Joining everyone crying by cutting onion and garlic at night and continued for the next morning. Well, doesn't need to invite and everyone will automatically came to help. No wonder they didn't worry it was last minute coz they knew everything can be done on time with so much hand.

And this cute little girl kept on stick with me and followed me to anywhere. xoxo.. cute..

The above photo is the preparation for the church.


I'd follow them to do decoration in the Dewan. Guys who are doing decor. xoxo..

It's traditional decoration.. Using the coconut leave to do decor.

Going back home, took a short rest, took a bath, wore a beautiful dress and ready for the ceremony.

The above photo was a kid wearing Rungus traditional beautiful costume, was the flower girl and dancer. I love it.. ^_^

It's a mix marriage. My friend is the Rungus guy, Tom and her spouse is a Chinese Sarawakian, Cecelia. Congrats to them. Both of them are teacher in a private school somewhere in Selangor.

Kids with traditional costume again.. They danced in the Dewan, I took video on that.

They had been trained and always represented their culture to do performance on most of the function that held in Kudat.

This hansom dog is friendly, belongs to the church and I'd found that my camera is very good in taking animal photos.

I'm proud to be Sabahan and I love the cultures of Sabah. Cheers..


Anonymous said...

c Tingabo ka the dog that? hehehehe

Wiskies said...

not tingabo. it's the dog outside the church.. tak pandai gigit org.. ^_^