Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My sis is still in hometown, and I'm jealous of her. Because of I'm working, I still have to be here.

Today is DongZhi Festival or Winter Solstice Festival. A festival that celebrated by Chinese people but sad to say that I unable to celebrate it with my family today.

Chinese believe in ying and yang. Ying is darkness or coldness while Yang is brightness or hot. DongZhi Festival or Winter Solstice Festival actually is celebrating the 'Ying' (darkness) to be balance with Yang. It is the lesser brightness of sunshine and the shortest day time in East Asian for the entire year.

What did chinese people normally do in this day, family gathering and having a MUST dishes which is called tang yuan.

Tang Yuan made by rice flour, made it in round shape and boiled it with ginger and sugar. I feel sad somehow I'll try to cook tang yuan for myself tonight.. Sob sob..

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