Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have lots of things to do so this will be only a quick update.

Well, stop counting people. Lets the day count.

It's final countdown and another new year is coming. wow.. I'm worry leh.. Feels like don't want to change the year yet if I could. Everyone saying that they have no mood to work for today, holiday mood, talking about where to celebrate countdown tonight but honestly, today is my busy day, and I'm not excited for new year to come. I'm nervous & worry! And now I'm preparing for my new year war!

Every people might have aim & wish list in the end of the year for the following year. Well, for me, my aim & wishes non-stop coming all over the year. xoxo.. I’m not going to list down my wish list here anyway, it will be somewhere else but I’ll just write down what have I achieve within this year.

- I bought a silly camera. I’d dreamed it for almost 3 years. At the end, I'd bought a compact with middle quality of camera and I'm satisfied with it.

- I suppose to buy a house this year unfortunately my salary has only small increment. I'd expected more somehow it didn't, so I’m still not qualified yet to have my own house this year but I know, soon I will.

- Love and relationship, it's getting better and stable but marry is still far away. He resigned from his previous company and jobless for few months, I was effected with that somehow things getting better now and we are even more happier than before.

- I believe I'm getting more friends and getting more closer with my existing friends.

- Financial wise, it was up and down all over the year but I'd learned and managed to discipline myself to do saving.

- Healthy, I believe that I'm still having good health today. xoxo..

- Career, I attended an interview for a new job and I get better offer, far more better salary but I haven't confirm with it yet. I'm thinking twice for it now and I'm preparing for everything.

- I’d started with my own business somehow it was slow and still has no official profit yet. The following photo taken on last month, I have no latest photo but only small differences with today's progress. Well, I know I'm going to be busy with this very soon.

- I’d bought lots of clothes & shoes and now I suppose to do clearing on my wardrobe.

- I'm getting more repentant. I love my family and people around me even more.

- I'd set up this blog and going to change its look.

Overall, I'm happy with 2009. I'm keeping this up, looking forward and I'd plan more things for 2010. I know I'm going to be busy but I will enjoy it.

Happy New Year People.. Thanks for your support all this while, sorry for any of my words that ever hurt u. May god and good luck always be with you and people around you..


This was not quick update anyway..


Amanda Christine Wong said...

cili fertigasi ka tu? hehe. happy new year! :D

Wiskies said...

ya.. :)) keningau is active with that too right.. haha.. by the way, happy new year..