Monday, January 4, 2010


I do concern you. Let’s come have a good health for this entire year babe.. ;) I get this from email, but I know it is very true.


Brain Damaging Habits:

- No breakfast. This is true, people who skip breakfast always blur, lost focus & slow pick up.

- Over eating. Over eating will damage your stomach and together with your brain.

- Smoking. I know smokers will not believe this. xoxo..

- High Sugar Consumption. I believe high salt consumption is bad too.

- Air Pollution. Brain is the largest oxygen in our body. City air is polluted, out of city is the best.

- Sleep Deprivation. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cell.

- Head covered while sleeping. This is common sense, covered your head will increase carbon dioxides than oxygen.

- Working your brain during illness. Tell your boss, MC is better than working during illness. LOL.

- Lacking in stimulating though. Work out your brain. Even blogging have to think a lot.

- Talking rarely. Oh yeah I talk rarely eh..


Liver Damaging Habits:

- Sleeping too late and waking up too late. KL's time is later than Sabah.

- Not urinating in the morning. And, holding urination is unhealthy.

- Too much eating. Body will tired to work all the time for digestion.

- Skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for a day.

- Consuming too much medication. Medicine is drugs. Drug is what? I don't know. LOL.

- Consuming too much preservatives, additives, food coloring and artificial sweetener. It's chemical.

- Consuming unhealthy cooking oil. Avoid to reuse cooking oil.

- Consuming raw (overly done) foods. Avoid overcook vege and avoid overnight meal.


Top five cancer causing foods:

- Hot Dog. Well most of kids love hot dog. Advised not more than 12 hot dog per month.

- Processed meat and bacon. Bacon is more like western food, Asian seldom cook bacon.

- Doughnuts. Doughnuts made by white flour, sugar and hydrogenated oil, then fried in high temperature.

- French fries. It fried in high temperature.

- Chips, crackers and cookies. I though cookies are healthy but it actually same like crackers.

While everyone celebrated the New Year countdown, one of my friend was laying down on the hospital bed for the New Year to come. She suffered from her breast cancer and done her operation successfully on 31st December. I still haven’t managed to visit her, just able to pray for her to have a good health.

See people, we will never know what will happen to us. Even a doctor unable to answer what’s causing a breast cancer. Yeah this friend of mine married on her age 30+ and she has just having her second baby last year. Her second baby is still very small now. May be that is one of the fact, having a baby after age of 30 but be in mind people, every ladies have a very high possibilities deceived breast cancer.

Mind your healthy, eat healthy and love everyone around you while still not too late. Anything bad that we can avoid, avoid it. You can eat anything, you can smoke, you can get drunk but don’t too much and don’t be too often. Live healthy, because I'm sure there is someone who can’t afford to lose you. Think for your love one. Cheers~


gunsirit said...

Hmmm..very good suggestions here, the problem with me is that I'm always on hangover condition during weekends..ehehhe..

Wiskies said...

hehe.. good health is all about discipline and food. Hangover is not a problem, just do more exercise, reduce taking meat, drink more clear water and eat fruits daily.

I'm not bragging but it is true. My bf has heart problem, he get drunk a lot and smoke a lot but his health still getting better and lesser review. and, he managed to stop smoking himself this recently without my control and i was surprise with it too. :) he told me that, once he stop smoking, when he joined back his friends to smoke, he cough and automatically he hate it.

gunsirit said...

Good for you. Congrats to your bf! I do take vegetables, meat sometimes during the weekends, I ate mostly fish. Smoking, I am still trying to quit..ehhehe..

Wiskies said...

good for you too.. :) you can do it and everyone can do it. just reduce smoking step by step and live healthy.