Saturday, October 3, 2009


I’d dreamed to buy a camera since last 2 years ago. At that time, my salary is just similar to a SPM holder. I’d hold that dream all this while without buying it due to a lot of nonstop RM problem and today, I’d got it. This simple thing made me remember a lot of the things.

Why I’m saying this is meaningful to me, I’m not as lucky as many people out there who can buy anything easily. I start everything from the bottom and I’d put 2 months effort to save and control my money just for buying a very simple thing. I think this is the first expensive thing that I’d buy using my own money. Anyway, thanks to someone who top up a little bit for me. Even my handphone has been bought since I was a student last few years, and I still using it till today. Can u imagine that? How outdated and how ugly with full of scratch on my handphone is, no mp3, no mp4, no 3G, no memory card only internal memory, even no Bluetooth! Poor me but I’m happy with it..

Honestly my family gave a lot of money when I was a student before and they’d stopped it since I started to work. Yeah I used to live a life that spends a lot of money. My salary is so small for me when I started working, to be frank it’s not enough for me or for a person who live in a city at all but I accepted that and my family let me be independent.

I still remember that when my family asked me “Do u still have money? Do your money is enough?” I always answer them “I have money & my money is enough”. Actually not! I’d lied on them especially my parents on that eventhough my purse is empty (Oh god this made my tears falling down). And I only managed to give my parents a little bit money from my first salary. I feel ashamed, honestly I only gave them money once all this while which is from that first salary and the other time, I only buy things and bring back to hometown since then, never give them cash for the second time and never buy a single expensive or big thing to my family yet. Thank god my financial is getting better now & I’m happy coz till to date my life has improved compare to last year but I know, what my family looking is my heart not my money anyway. And I insist to buy the camera before today is just because we have family gathering tonight, which is mooncake festival and I’m going back hometown shortly to capture every memorable moment. At the same time, I promise and set in my head that I’ll help my family to improve their life from time to time too.

Back to my camera story, I'm not pro & haven't finished studied this new camera. The following photos is just a testing. Still a lot of noise and will improve my photography skill. :p

Tak sabar o mo balik kampung ari ni.. ^_^


Happy Mooncake Festival 1 Malaysia..

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