Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today in my history:

I reached office at 6.30am today, it's a longer day for me to be in office. Anyway, I don't know why this kind of day made me very energetic & very excited to do my task in office. I think wake up early in the morning made me happy.

I'd found out this again..
Which I target to have it (again?). Yeah I'm in love with this. ^_^
Nokia N97 mini!

The current Nokia N97's price around RM2,000++ and the Nokia N97 mini is a bit smaller than the current N97 and it suit for ladies. The mini one has more application (especially for facebook user) + bigger capacity of memory. However, Nokia N97 mini will only available in Malaysia by end of this year.

To be honest, I attracted by this phone because of it's outlook. Yeah I love it's design, it is so smart and it's application actually is not the 1st priority for me coz normally I use phone only more on calling and SMSes. Somehow, it's only one of my dream. I would happy to have it, I target to get it but depends on my budget and situation. Will not eager to buy it coz my current phone is still in good condition except it's outlook which full of scratch and also my RM matters.

Nokia juga lah.. Until today, I have used my current phone for more than 3 years but it still very good. Worth it although Nokia is more expensive than other phone.

Nokia N97 mini, wait for me.. ^_^

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