Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I’d started this new interest of mine this recently, which is fashion. I’d started to love and buy magazines like female, cleo, her world ect this lately. Ok ok I know.. People had started it since long time ago and I’d just started this lately. Previously I just feel that these kinds of magazines are expensive, lack of useful info and knowledge and it’s more into miscellaneous gossips which they said as ‘latest news of artistes’. Yes it is until today but at the same time these magazines have improved and there is a lot of good tips for those fashionista who like to shop, make up and dressing follows the trend. Other than that, it also included some info about healthy food, vacation, relationship ect. And those info’s are what I’d love even though I’m not so fashionable.

I’m sure every ladies love to be beautiful and sexy, and to be a model is every lady’s dream. But of course, sedar diri la ba kalau tidak layak.. hehehe.. And I do read a model and Miss Malaysia’s blog who is a Sabahan too – Stella Matilda. She is not stingy of tips in her blog, how to make ourselves look good and beautiful, the latest trend or fashion and also her activities. Honestly I love her blog and from her blog I can know she is someone who is educated, great minded, soft heart (sabahan heart. Yeah..), strong decision ect. I like her tips the most.

Ahh.. Back to the fashion. I actually a bit regret that, I’m not into fashion when I was young. I mean when my age is around early 20’s. I didn’t know how to dress well, how to make my hair more nicer ect. Well, just come out from kampung. I was still a fresh student in college at that time and I was always just wore big t-shirt, straight cut long pants, bringing school bag behind and tight up my hair like the horse tail but didn’t look like horse tail, more looks like a broom. I only started to play with my hair when I was 3rd year in college but my body is plum at that time. xoxo.

And now, I just realize that we as a lady should dress up and be fashionable while we still young. Tak kan lah sudah tua baru maw bergaya, nanti org lain nampak & cakap ‘tidak sedar diri pula ni aunt’. LOL. I’m not going to be a model but I’m just thinking if I could change a bit of my appearance but..

RM again!!

Hmmm.. see what can I do.. :p

- Just be fashionable but avoid ‘only wear once’ like most of lucky people.

- Do treatment on hair rather than keep on changing hair style in saloon coz that will torture up our hair and I’ll try to keep long hair this time ^_^.

- Skin care and be hygienic.

- Facial rather than make up but soft make up, yes.

- Healthy food and more fruits.

- Contact lens? Will think about that.

I love the above photo and fashion but I'm not serious with it. ^_^

Somehow, all of the above has to depend on budget. It can be upgrade step by step?

However, I believe that the inner beauty of our heart is still the most important and it will sticks with us till we old.


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