Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Normally when we talk about vacation, most of us will think about overseas. But honestly, our own country is so beautiful and relaxing and there is more and more tourist flow in into our country especially Sabah from time to time. And can you tell me how many Sabahans have travel all over Sabah? How many Sabahan that've ever gone to a well known place named Pulau Sipadan? How many Sabahan knew that only 20 people allow to stay in Pulau Sipadan in one time? We always talk about a vacation in Hawaii or Bali but people from other country are keep on competing for booking to come Sipadan Island or any places in Sabah.

I'm proud of my own homeland and here I'd found out another beautiful place in Sabah. I knew this place since last two years and it's still under construction at that time. And now, it's open for room reservation and really a good and romantic place for honey moon. It's located somewhere in Kudat and for more info, kindly log on into

Enjoy the photos..

Yes, I'll be here someday.. :)

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