Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just wanna talk about some lady's story which is about my love relationship.

“How long you’ve been together with your boyfriend?”

“It’s more than 4 years.”

Actually I don’t know what’s the actual date we’d started being together. I believe every relationship has it’s up and down but I seldom tell people the problems and bad moment in my relationship all this while. I avoid saying bad things about him, after all I love him and he is my special one. Some people (biasalah perempuan.. nothing else is interesting than talking about guys/bf) asking me more and some were asking how can we’d been together for so long, it’s time to get married and bla bla bla.. I’d found out I’m hard to answer most of their question coz it’s a long story. Anyway, I’m going to write it down and post it here someday. I’m not saying my relationship is perfect, we haven’t reached the marriage stage but honestly I’m proud of my relationship. I know there are a lot of things that people never expect on us. Just give me some times to recall and write it down. It’s 4 years story and I might need to post it part by part.

And here, I just wanna wish few happy and beautiful couple..

Mr. Donny Kerk (Tamparuli) and Miss Selliy Chee (Penampang).

Wish both of you Happy Wedding and Happy Ever After. Thanks for the invitation.


Miss Sussan Tan and Mr. Roland Ho.

Happy Wedding and enjoy your beautiful life..


Miss Stella Juanis and her beloved husband.. (Sorry I don’t know the Mr. Right’s name)

Happy Wedding and wish you endless love..


Wah.. so much new born wedding couple and one of my cousin will be this coming November. ^_^ Congrats congrats..

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