Thursday, October 22, 2009


There is a session under a radio channel which people can call, sms or comment in facebook on a given topic. The DJ of named othoe is one of my friend in facebook and he had posted this topic last few days.


Topik : Kenapa ramai Graduan menganggur..dimana silapnya?? Belajar bertahun-tahun..bepuluh ribu habis utk segulung ijazah/diploma/phd/master but still..tanam anggur..Y? adakah silap bidang yg diambil..indada permintaan utk bidang tersebut? ataupun sikap graduan yang terlalu memilih... mau gaji basar saja? Apa komen kawan2... Mungkin ada yang ada pengalaman macam ni dulu sekarang suda berjaya.. mari bantu bagi tips.kap graduan yg terlalu memilih..mau gaji basar saja?? Apa komen kawan2..mungkin ada yg ada pengalaman macam ni dulu skarang suda berjaya..mari bantu

And I had replied the DJ that morning with this comment.

Kurang permintaan dalam sesuatu bidang. contohnya beberapa thn yg lepas, kwn saya memohon bidang yg bnyk permintaan tapi bila dpt tawaran pula dpt bidang yg entah apa2 mcm statistik, ukur tanah, laut dalam dll. bila habis belajar, kita boleh nampak bidang2 mcm ni hanya ada d jabatan kerajaan tapi malangnya tiada kekosongan. bila ada 1 kekosongan, beribu org yg memohon. Alamatnya, kenalah bekerja dlm bidang yg lain mcm saya juga.


Memang betul ada juga graduan yang memilih pekerjaan. Saya pun seorang graduan yg ada ijazah tapi masa saya mula kerja dulu, posisi yg saya pohon hanyalah utk seorng lepasan SPM. Terima saja berapa yg syarikat bagi & bila sudah ada pengalaman, gaji naik juga..


Kepada graduan yg susah cari kerja yg bagus juga, buang pemikiran ‘makan gaji’ dan boleh jadi usahawan kecil-kecilan. Jgn pandang rendah dgn kerja-kerja kampung, pertanian & perikanan sebenarnya adalah perniagaan yg sangat menguntungkan hanya kita yg perlu jadi bijak., beribu org yg memohon. alamatnya, kenalah kerja dlm bidang yg lain mcm saya juga..

When I logged in back my facebook acc in the evening, I received few private messages from few people that I don’t know. They had mail me and talk about the above topic. I was wondering why are those people private mail to me and didn’t just replied on the DJ’s wall post. When I read back my own comment, oh owh.. Seems like my first point is a bit sensitive to certain parties. I’ve just comment and gave my opinion based on my experience and that is what I had experienced.

Most of my friends even my own cousin and sister had applied for a course that they interested and high demand such as engineering, hotel management, business admin ect but at the end they had been offered the course like statistic, marine, forestry ect which u can see vacancies for those courses are very limited in our country but just imagine there is around 40 students in 1 class and 40 students graduated every year under the same course. When there is 1 vacancy for that certain field, thousands of people will apply the same vacancy. This is what I’d experience. My friends applied engineering course but they got offered for another courses and they accepted it. They go due to people always said don’t let go a good chances and of course eager to study in a college! Same thing happened to my sister in the year of 80’s. See.. These kinds of things have happened since loooong time ago. The college will always given the reason saying that ‘the engineering class is full’, something like that.

Honestly, students who graduated from SPM is so young and not mature. Still don’t have a clear direction and still don’t know how to make a good decision and what they really want. It happened to me before too. I don’t know anything and just accept anything in front of me. Family said go then I go. I only realize that I actually was not so interested with what I was studying when I was in my 2nd year in my college but I know quitting after 2 years from the course is not a good idea so I just go ahead. And now, I’m working in a company that is totally not related with my studied field at all but I never feel regret. I’m not professional in something but I’ve learn a lot of things in general. I’ve tested myself in my working environment and now I knew my capability. My degree not only given me knowledge but it make me become someone who educated. People said, ‘The quality of our minded will determine the quality of our life’ and I believe educated people have good quality of minded. Hee.. minja puji.. Yeah a degree is very common now adays but still different people and different way of thinking and minded.

Talking about my 2nd point up there, yeah it’s true there is some people who so choosy with their first job. I just share a little bit of my experience here, I’d used my degree cert to apply my first job and started with a very low salary which is same as a SPM holder’s salary but of course there is increment once we have few months working experience. People said we actually can get a better job with higher salary. Yes talk is easy but believe it or not, sometimes getting a job is based on our luck (rezeki). We might better than other people out there but sometimes other people get the job easily and we are not. Ever experience that?

My 3rd point, forget about work with other people. Become a boss, start up and own a small business. What do u think about a small stall which selling kuih pisang or air kelapa? RM1 here RM1 there, 20 people already RM20 or more but mind that it only need a small capital. We just need to work a bit harder. I think these kinds of businesses are quit suitable for those who are jobless and those who feel hard to find a job. Modern agriculture and fishery actually is also something that is quite profitable. I’m investing in some business at the moment too and I’m going to stop working with people soon. ;) Hopefully everything is running smoothly and will introduce to u people later if it’s true really profitable.

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