Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last weekend, I’d locked myself in the room and make up myself then he knocked the door and he asked,

“What are you doing in the room for the whole one hour?”


“Whoaaa.. Tampal sini tampal sana..”

“Yeah.. You like to see 'chicks' right? Now I’m just trying to be beautiful.”


Actually I didn’t make up too heavy, just nice for taking photos. It just that he never saw I’m in makeup and he was shock when I do this.

As I’ve ever mentioned in my previous blog, make ourselves beautiful while we still young.

And the following photos have been taken during the wedding dinner between Selliy and his beloved husband Donny. Enjoy the photos..

This word actuall is double 'happiness' combined to be a pair of couple.

Phew.. beautiful brides..

Blue blue.. unable to see the man's face la.. >_<

Flowers, Orange, Sprite, Beer..

It's duck and it's yummy..

These two bottles never opened till we went home..

errmm.. it's art u know.. hehe..

I'd looked after this thing for the whole night coz the photographer said its price RM40 so don't lost it.

urmm.. yeah, i have a lot of photos taken with this camera. will select and upload it into my blog in my next entry. ^_^

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