Friday, October 23, 2009


I don’t think that I’ve done anything wrong. Yes I’ve a lot of friends and I’m close with a lot of guy friends. But to be honest and do read this!

I’ve my own steady bf and ready to have our commitment soon..

To someone out there, your boyfriend is not my taste & I’m not going to grab your bf ok.. I’m sorry on what had happened & go tight you boyfriend (hmm.. well, if you can..). Your bf never love me and I’m actually wondering, as I know both of you never want to admit that you are couple. And both of you know who am I and my bf. So what’s the point for you to jealous on me? I’ve done nothing.

Sorry to say but I’m tired to look after people’s feeling sometimes. I will just be who am I, I don’t care if I’ve been call bitch coz I know I’m not. And don’t expect me to change. Come on.. Be open minded, if you can accept then accept, if can’t then you can blah.

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