Saturday, October 10, 2009


I’d received this forwarded message last night:

Kedutaan Besar Indonesia, KL – Orang ramai yang ingin menghulur bantuan ke mangsa gempa bumi Sumatra boleh menyumbang ke akaun CIMB 1453 0001 5180 51.

Sorry to say here, but this is my personal opinion.


How true is this message? I can simply sms people saying that “If you want to donate to orphanage you can bank in your money to CIMB 12XX XXXX XXXX 28”, which that account actually is my personal account number.

Second, Sorry to say this..
I use to donate money when there is tsunami hit Yogjakarta, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand ect past few years. But after that I realize and thinking that why does our country only donate to Yogjakarta and not Sri Lanka or other country at that time.

Taiwan & China always been hit by earthquake or flood and there is always a lot of victim every year but why there is never have collection of donation for them?

And third, sorry to say this again..

Now, there is another donation for earthquake victim in Sumatra. Yes I know some people have the heart to do donation sincerely but common Malaysia..

You want to donate to other country but some of places and family in your own country is POOR LIKE HELL!! COME OVER TO SABAH AND GO TO RURAL AREA! OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AT OUR OWN COUNTRY! They are a lot of kampung people are far more living hard! Even some places are no water supply no electricity less food less education clinic is far school is far walk 5km to school everyday no proper road no proper job (due to low educational) and live in a broken house. What had happen?

But I never saw there is someone from our own country collect donation for helping those poor kampung people in our country.

And I’m pity with the media in Sabah, seems like they are not been given the priority like media in peninsular which the media in Sabah seldom show to country the actual life of people in kampung here. They have problem or politic story is more important or what I don’t know. Yes there is a few news on that sometimes, but do Malaysian especially our Minister do aware or put attention or do something of it?

I promise if I go to rural area in Sabah again, I’ll take some photos and show it to you in my blog. But don’t ask me to collect donation for those kampung people coz if I donate money, I’ll bring my own money and go into those rural area myself and talk to them personally. If you intended to donate too, I'll bring you go there together. It’s good for you to go yourself to see those poor people with your own eyes. I mean it.

For anyone out there, if you still want to donate for the earthquake victim in Indonesia then it’s up to you. I’m not tightening your hand and it’s your choice. But as I said, sorry I’m not going to donate for that again.

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