Friday, July 31, 2009


A friend asked me, what country is good for migration. As for me, migrate to Australia or New Zealand is a good choice however, there are a lot of things need to be look into deeply. It’s not ‘just migrate’ all about.

It’s good to migrate for those who have skill such as programmer, architect, engineer, related to oil & gas etc or, married to an oversea’s man and follow him migrate to his country. It’s not a good idea to own a business in oversea, what I mean is if don’t have any skill, better don’t migrate. To start a business in oversea is not easy for us a foreigner to them except a country like china but migrate to ‘only china’ is not worth. End up, you will stay in migrated country but your husband has to be in somewhere else to run his business. It’s different than, if you are millionaire and you are retired, and have the desire to migrate.

Still, I think own place is better. Families and existing friends always around and care of you. Yes when you in a new place, you will have new neighbor and new friends. Other than them, you have your hubby with you, and it’s only two of you in your world. But just imagine if your hubby left you alone there or something unwanted things happen on him/her or both of you, can u handle such things without family beside you?

Why I’m saying that way is because, I’ve a friend that I can tell as an example. Sorry Jane if you read this, I’m not saying bad bout you but this is true & I’m actually salute you, you are strong woman my dear.

OK, back to the migrate story:
She’s pregnant for her 2nd baby and her due is this coming august which is only left few days. Her husband admitted in the hospital this recently and she’s claiming that is tough. Yeah I understand it’s tough, luckily her family is around and supports her and what’s the only thing I can do as a friend is just support her too to be strong. Just imagine if this kind of things happen on us in oversea without our family. Who will look after you, your hubby and your small kid when you deliver? We always pray for good luck but we will never know what is going to happen on us.

Shorten up the story, own place is still the best. Do think of our family, try not to be far from them because our blood with our family member’s blood have the similarity which will never make us separate, it’s different with a hubby which is our blood and his/her blood has no similarity at all.

Think wisely and don’t just simply follow and jealous on people who migrated. Every country has own country rules, politic in every country is the same unclean & we always can improve and have a good life in anywhere.

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