Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Most of ladies might like beatiful make up right.. Yeah still natural beaty is beatiful but sometimes, we still have to know and touch make up things on few occasion.

Photo above been make up by my 4th sister. I like the make up touch.. My sis had make up a lot of ladies and she has the “before and after” photos. I requested those photos from her but she refused to give it to me. Hmm.. This is what we call sister. She knows what’s in my mind! She refused to give me coz she knows I’m going to promote it! Yes that’s what I'm going to do. Thinking to promote it so that she get customer for make up on any dinner function, wedding, unduk ngadau ect.. Hehehe… but unfortunately she doesn’t want it.

Ok I understand.. She actually interested in make up and hair style but she unable to fully go into it due to her small baby. May b next time.. But she has the potential. I’m proud that she had passed her diploma of make up + set up hair this recently. Hooray.. Congrats.. Can make up for bridal ody that..
Until today she never do any make up seriously on other people for any formal function. Normally just testing but I love her touch. Sayang kan..

She only internally teach us how to make up to look more fresh & energetic using different color based on costume and occasions but I still haven't get it. I'm not pass yet, huhuhu.. Always touch up and come out with not so "wow" effect. Photo above only one type of color which is green + black, others will b upload in comming posting. ;) Yeah it's not so clear & color not so nice ody coz I'd scaned it from printed photo.


My sis just follow another course -- baking cake! Wow.. That means we will always have free cakes to eat. She had tested to baked for us pass weekend, it's Orange Fudge Cake & taste really really nice.. And oh.. I mmmiss it.. Well done & Congrats again.. We encorage her to practice the cake decoration so that she can bake and sell wedding cake too. Add in into the make up package. ahahaaa..

But I prefer cup cakes as wedding cake actually.. ;)

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