Monday, July 6, 2009

You Are Not Alone.. I'm Be With You..

Watched Ice Age 3 last Saturday, it’s a nice and creative movie. I give 4 stars out of 5. This week will watch Transformer. Haha.. Yes I'm so not update.

Last Sunday, I met my friend and also my ex-college mate in KK. She was late & while I was waiting for her, I window shopping in Wisma Merdeka alone but I always heard “you are not alone.. I’m b with you..” especially from the CD shops. The whole world know Micheal Jackson I think and everyone knew what had happen to him except the youngest generation. So I don’t have to repeat here again. I’m his fan too especially his dance, just not a hard core fan but of course feel the losses. No others can replace him.

A lot of people just standing outside the CD shops everywhere watching his previous performance / concert from the display TV. I did join those people to stand and watch it there almost 10 minutes too while waiting for Sui Lian to come but I left once there is something came into my mind and I worried that the spreading of H1N1. (Haha.. I might think too much, watching movie in the cinema is worse actually). Then I went to waterfront to watch the sea, quite relaxing by just sitting there with cloudy weather + my yummy takoyaki and a lot of orang putih. Wah.. y I didn’t think that spreading of H1N1 by those orang putih at that time. What was in my imagination at that time is posing in front of a camera & photographer. Hahaha.. Sot.. Soon to be..

Nothing much with Sui Lian, we just sit in a "not so nice" café and we talk a lot of things. The cafe looks nice outside but nothing inside, luckily I'd forgoten the shop's name.

That’s my last weekend, and here I just share with you Micheal Jackson’s photos forwarded by ”don’t know who” into my email. Enjoy the pics..

When Micheal Jackson still a kids..

1997 - Micheal Jackson of the Jackson 5

1980 - He won three American Awards

1984 - still young..

1987 - Still black skin

1992 - Stil Hot!

1995 - skin getting white

1998 - still good looking..

2000 - getting weird.

2001 - weird hair style

2005 - messy hair style & face look unhealthy

2007 - face look skiny & weird

05 March 2009 - At A Press Conference In London

Eventhought his face getting weird and he has a lot of bad record, but his fan never forget him. Now his news is hot & spreading (yeah I realize i've use 'spreading' word a lot of time in this posting) very fast all around the world.

May his soul rest in peace and I'll always solute and remember his dance.. Yeah I'm so late to bless him but i know it still not too late..

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