Saturday, July 4, 2009


What a late update..

Don't really have a good idea to write down here. Yes there is, but quite sensitive. So i better keep my mouth shut for certain things.

Just one thing that i want to raise here & not so agree about. Whenever we go to restaurant, there is tissue or keychup, chili provided. I've ever eat wt some people (including my own relative and me yg feel guilty), some of them like to take A LOT of chili (lada) or tissue but actually they can't finish it. What i'm not so agree is when they said "biar la ba, it's free also pun.."

For me, although it's free, we are not suppose to waste it. Cukup bagus sudah tu org kasi free & we suppose just take how much we actually need. Don't you realize and think y most of the public toilet don't give us free toilet paper anymore? It's because of there is some irresponsible people like to waste it and take advantage on it without think about others. Buy your own tissue please and don't take the free tissue from public toilet or restaurant unless you eat in that restaurant. & stop wasting the lada provided there please..

There is one thing always stick in my mind. It is something like this..

This is in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Nice place right.. I've ever when there before.. There is hotel room, restaurant and show on every weekend. There is Japanese style Botanical garden and rabbit farm near here too. But at the moment it's not that I'm thinking to be there, I just like the window and the wall. Huh? So? hahaha.. yes I like the window, the wall and the western concept, that's it. What for? hehehe.. adalah tu..

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