Friday, July 17, 2009


Something had given me pressure for a while.

What had happen today is, I’d met my brother in law in afternoon when I was having my lunch with my colleague. He had called me & asked me for a fever once he saw me, to help him pass something to a person due to he had to go back ranau soon & can’t wait for the guy to come anymore. Of course I was agreed to help him but when he passed me the thing, I was shocked and feel like he passed something more than 10 tonnes stone to me. It was RM30,000 cash money! Damn! I don’t know the guy he means at all. How if I wrongly passed to someone else who just simply recognized himself as that guy? How if someone knows what was I holding in hand and robbed me? Why can’t he just wait for the guy for more a while? Why can’t he just issued a cheque rather than bringing cash? Why lah it was so incidentally he saw me when I was lunch time? I was so pressure but things had been settled. The guy just waited me in a car so I recognize him easily without wrongly passed to other person. I’ve no more money with me now & don’t robbed me please..

Huu.. I don’t mean I’m not willing to help but I don’t like to bring so much cash, and it’s not my own money. I can’t pay back if that amount of money is missing. I was so stress just now.

My brother in law I mean above is my 3rd sister’s husband, and today is my 3rd sister’s birthday. Didn’t do anything for her but I’ll go back to hometown tomorrow to spend time and spend some food for her and her kids.
Photo below is the recent photo been taken in our office by a professional photographer but i haven't get the original photo from the photographer. Not related to the story above.

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