Thursday, July 9, 2009


When the more a thing is secret, the more people would like to know about it..

Some big things had happened in our office today but I can’t tell more about it here. A group of people from custom department were here in our office this morning and none of our bosses was in office. They were running away or what, that 1 I’m not sure. We as staff didn’t know anything, although we know something but we have to act don’t know. I actually pity to the secretary down stair, she had been threatened by the custom officer this morning. Nothing is fishy actually but it just that fail to show some document to the custom people and they had hunted our office including all of our files, computers and email. The document they wanted to check is just with our boss and we can’t get it coz our bosses were not in the office. We’d been claimed that ‘tidak bagi kerjasama’ to the custom officer and our name & IC number has been taken. WTF.. And they had taken some of our files too.

There is few more things had happen other than this but I still can’t tell more coz some of it is censored.

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