Sunday, August 2, 2009


I saw an advertisement in news paper on last friday, there was cheap camera selling in one shop in Karamunsing. I'd spend my weekend to go Karamunsing & search for the shop and that camera but there is none. No camera with such cheap price there & I'm quite upset. What is the advertisement in news paper all about? Am I saw it wrongly? Somehow, I'm not going to show the shop's name here.
People said, "just upgrade your phone, get a high tech handphone then you will have a good camera.". Yes my phone is outdated. There is camera in my current phone but I unable to transfer photo from my phone to computer however, my handphone is still in good condition at the moment although I've used it for more than 3 years. And, even if I have a high tech handphone, I still will buy a camera.
One of the reason I need a camera is for my blog. I'm thinking to capture any moment of my life and upload / update into my blog but I'm not affordable to get a good camera that I'm satisfied with at the moment. Sigh.. But sure I will make myself to get it in soonest time.

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