Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today’s topic might a bit boring for some of you but it is very important for me which is my sport activities. Yeah.. I was an athlete b4 in my childhood and I’ve stop to exercise for almost 8 years. Changes of body can be seen may be cause by age too, made me start on my exercise again this recently coz to be frank,

I love to eat. I know it's yucky & look disgusting but actually it's yummy lagsana.

Last weekend, I’d started my plan to jog at the beach & I’m doing it every weekend when I’m not going back to my home town. Shorten up the story, I didn’t go back to Ranau & I jog on the last Sunday morning and here, I just give some comparison exercise in the morning and evening based on my own experience.

Exercise in the morning

+ve - morning weather is so clean, cool & fresh, only a few people on the beach which is u can jog freely in any style & pattern.

-ve - will get tired in the morning but u still have a lot of work to be done for the whole day.

Exercise in the evening

+ve - getting tire in the evening but what u only need to do is just go back home take a bath, may b dner and have a good rest.

-ve - too many people will watching u and evening weather in kk is hot.

Those are the pro and con. But I think I’ll still prefer go to jog or exercise in the weekend morning. It is weekend afterall, can have rest for the whole day after getting the tiredness. And what had happen to me when I woke up on the next Monday morning, I feel so fresh, so healthy and headache free. It’s really true.

What I’m trying to say here is, PEOPLE OUT THERE, LET’S EXERCISE. I went jogging alone. Why alone? Lack of friends? No.. Because people always told me that “bagus oh ko.. rajin ko p exercise..” When I say “Come join me.” People will show an unwillingness face and say “tidak la..” or “malas la..” or “tinguk la..” ect then I stop inviting.

I’m concern actually and encourage people especially young people to go exercise. I’d saw a lot of people around me especially ladies, they prefer skip their meal to maintain their body and diet rather than exercise. Yes we should control our eating habit but exercise is needed while we still young but not skip meal for getting a slim body. Muda2 pun malas exercise nanti tua confirm malas juga tu. & we have to have a strong body otherwise, muda2 pun ody lembek, nanti bila ada anak mcm mana mo jaga? This is really serious..

I don’t have a perfect and beautiful body but I know I’m healthy.

Other than the jogging session on last weekend, I met Charles the professional photographer at the beach too. What was happening with that, will post it on my coming posting soon. Check it out..

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