Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have friends in rural area. Yeah I start keep in touch with them since I’d celebrated Christmas together with them. Related post is HERE. Most of them are rubber tapper.

I’d called one of them yesterday to ask how are they in kampung and they told me this:

“We worked hard to tap rubber, sold it to Lembaga Getah but we are not been paid directly. Lembaga Getah told us that they have no money to pay us and we have to wait for few weeks, even the private company told us that way. Our rubber trees are changing leaves at the moment too, we will get less rubber for this coming three months.”

“Why they have no money to pay you? Demand for rubber is so high and good price at the moment.”

“We had been told that, Lembaga Getah Sabah only get budget RM1 million per week to pay rubber tapper. They want to avoid robbery and we have to wait our turn to be paid.”

Wow.. I was so sorry to hear that. Kampung people have soft heart and they are not aggressive to fight but not suppose to take advantage on them. Even a normal gold shop is working hard to have a good security, why can’t Lembaga Getah? Rubber is so expensive at the moment and rubber from whole Sabah should can sell more than RM1 million.

Last time, Lembaga Getah come to rural area themselves to collect rubber weekly and paid cash to the rubber tapper. When rubber price was increased, some people know that Lembaga Getah staff holding and bringing big amount of cash, the staff been robbed. Then, they changed the system which the Lembaga Getah only come to kampong to collect rubber but rubber tappers have to come to Lembaga Getah’s office to collect their own money.

Now, even though rubber tappers come themselves to Lembaga Getah’s office, there is no payment for them. Just imagine those kampong people who lodge their pick-up truck, few hours journey to town and no payment for them. Where is their objective which saying that to help farmer or kampong people in rural area?

Pay them please.. Otherwise, take out the tyres of your car.

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