Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This photo not taken by me, I'd copied it from fb. Somehow, just share it with you here.

This guy is a porter at Mount Kinabalu. He and few of the group members doing this job since long time ago. They bring thing such as this big and heavy tank from flat land to the middle top of the mountain everyday; while normal people climb the mountain once, come back home flat on the bed and can't walk for almost one week. We've been so pampered.
I actually feel touch with this guy and this photo. Just look at people like them, they are so hardworking and look for money in very right way. Seems like no "tired" or "hardship" word in their dictionary. They are loyal and willing to work under this condition of job for a very long time. Of course we don't know how much they'd been paid with this kind of job, may be high salary we don't know but.. I just don't know how to explain.. I just can say that most of us had been pampered and made us has a bad habit where we want everything in comfort.
Gosh I just feel like I really want to help this kind of people. They work so hard.

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Cath J said...

Hahhahaha.... superman semua dtg dari sabah bah... mana mau cari... I saw a lot when climb mt kinabalu last year... ^_^