Thursday, March 11, 2010


Life is full with up and down. No body has no problem. Older 1 will stay calm and younger 1 normally will always complaint and speak out their problem. Some say, tiger year is just not a good year for them. I've no comment on that, it's just March now and still a long way to end the year. Facebook is so popular now adays and people tent and love to post what they feel through the shout out. I'm nearly posted something in the facebook too but I'm secretive enough. + I saw more and more people spit out their problem, made me just feel like I don't need to do that way & I'm lucky enough. Yes I know and realize that I'm luckier than most of people but things is just not on my side this recently. Strategy and arrangement for few things are messy and incorrect. No one knows what had happen to me and only my heart is crying. I'm not going to tell what is happening anyway. Question marks is full in my mind. I'm tired to get worry and sad, and just wanna stop thinking about anything. My life will totally change very soon and I'm not sure either it will be better or worse. Am I ready for the changes? I don't think so.
Other than bad news, of course I've heard good news from some friends too. Few of my friends just met their new mate, someone is just dating with a Canadian guy and I just knew that my x-boss has get enggaged. I'm happy to hear that and congrats to them.
Well, I know this post is a bit emo. Purpose of this post has nothing but just hoping that god bless and protect everyone. 95% is effort and 5% is luck. I only help for the 5% invisible-ly, now go work hard for the 95 more percent.
God Bless Everyone..


Pallas said...

The concept of "Positive thinking" was introduced to me by the book The first I didn't believe that whatever the mind

expects, it finds...if not for the depression I experienced some 2 yrs back, I wouldn't realize how REAL "positive thinking" is! As I

look back on my worst times, I wonder why was I so upset at that time cos now everything seems so trivial....
I couldn't thank the book enough for making a BIG difference in my life!

Dream. Believe. Survive.

Mrs Graig said...

Some people say..the more hard ways u encounter to will lead u to a better and mature person..true or not well it depends thou..neway, don't think too much of it..relax and watch raja bless u,too ;p

Wiskies said...

Thanks Mrs Graig. I'm someone who really think much but I can control my thinking. LOL.. I don't know what i'm saying but I know i'm much luckier than other people and I know i'm strong enough to face anything.

Pix Pixie said...

Congratulations on becoming a voter! Do encourage all your friends who are not registered to take on this very important responsibility. :)

Wiskies said...

hi Pix Pixie, thanks for dropping by. yes most of my friends around me had became voter.